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What’s a better place to begin increasing your Norway knowledge than in our selection of the newest posts? This is a good mix of all types of posts, from cultural insight to travel tips and practical knowledge.

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Make your dream vacation to Norway a reality!

Are you dreaming of visiting Norway for your next vacation? You’re not alone!

We have several million foreign tourists every year, and Norway is rapidly becoming a very popular tourist destination for both solo travelers looking for amazing experiences, couples looking to explore the beautiful nature, and families who want to take advantage of all the incredible things Norway has to offer.

We hope that you will be able to use The Norway Guide for inspiration and finding information for your next trip to Norway.

A tent on Kvalvika beach near Moskenes in Lofoten
Imagine waking up in your tent at Kvalvika beach near Moskenes in Lofoten! Photo published with permission.

The amazing nature in Norway

One of the most amazing things about Norway is the nature. The freedom to roam principle allows anyone to travel freely in nature without being concerned with who owns the ground, and even allows anyone to pitch a tent anywhere in nature.

This allows you to experience the pristine nature of Norway in any way you like. There are plenty of opportunities to go on guided tours at the most popular natural tourist attractions, or just grab your backpack and go hiking all by yourself in one of the many national parks.

Stegastein view point
Stegastein view point provides an amazing view down to Sognefjorden. Photo published with permission.

The nature in Norway ranges from incredible fjords in the west, insane mountains in the north, temperate beaches in the south, to humongous forest areas in the east. There’s something for everyone in Norway, no matter if you prefer relaxed nature experiences near major cities, or want to go on multiple day hikes in places like Jotunheimen.

Gravdalen in Jotunheimen
Few places are as beautiful and dramatic as Gravdalen in Jotunheimen. Photo published with permission.

Ready to learn about Norwegian culture?

Norwegian culture is something special, and most tourists are surprised by how different many things are in Norway compared to in other European countries or even the US. Let’s take a deep-dive into different Norwegian cultural phenomena!

You are guaranteed to learn a lot about Norwegian culture, ranging from the reason why many foreigners find Norwegians to be “cold”, to what the Norwegian public school system is like.

These articles are great for people who want to study in Norway, plan on moving to Norway in the future, or just want to prepare themselves for the Norwegian culture before a trip here.

Latest Norwegian news

Catch up on the latest news from Norway! There are no English newspaper about Norwegian news, but we’re updating you on the most important things that are happening in Norway.

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