About The Norway Guide

The Norway Guide is a website dedicated to Norway and Norwegian culture. We aim to cover everything you could potentially want to know about traveling to Norway, moving to Norway or Norwegian culture.

The website is a small family business located in Skien, Norway. We are born and raised Norwegian, and have spent most of our life in this beautiful country.

We want to use this website to showcase some of the best attractions and locations in all of Norway, simply to promote it to foreigners and those who are interested in visiting.

We will also be sharing what the Norwegian culture is really like, and giving some “inside information” to it. Check out the posts in the Norwegian Culture category to learn more.

If you plan on travelling to Norway, studying here, or just learning more about Norway, then you’re in the right place. We got plenty of articles detailing practical travel information, showcasing the best attractions, or just sharing some things you might want to know before you visit Norway.

Norway is an amazing country if you want to hike in pristine nature!

The Norway Guide’s history

The Norway Guide is a brand new website that was created at the beginning of 2022. Despite this, we have seen an amazing growth in the first six months, so thanks to everyone who have helped out making the website so successful so far!

Our mission to keep growing the website is simply; we want to keep producing great content that you guys want to read and share with your friends. So check back for new posts every once in a while!

Ask us about Norway!

Got any questions about Norway? Let us know, and we will do our best to answer you! Just use the comment field below, or send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you very quickly.

I’m also answering a lot of questions about Norway on the /r/Norway subreddit, which is another great way to get your questions about Norway answered.

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We do accept some types of guest posts on The Norway Guide, but we mainly want content from travel bloggers and others who have visited Norway or has some experience about Norway to share. If you think this is something for you, reach out to us!

We are not interested in accepting guest posts from websites that don’t really care about the topic, but are just after a link.

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Get in touch if you want to get your photo published on The Norway Guide! We’re always looking for new photos that can be used in our articles. All photos be will credited with full name and Instagram handle if you want.