All Norwegians Actors From Succession S4E5

The Roy family is on a visit to Norway during the 5th episode of Succession season 4, and the episode features some lesser known Norwegian actors. We’ve already taken a closer look at all locations from Succession S4E5, so this post is going to focus entirely on the Norwegian actors that was featured in the episode of the hit show.

There are three Norwegians actors featured prominently in the episode; Eili Harboe, Ellen Bendu and Christian Rubeck. All three of them are up-and-coming Norwegian actors, but not among the most famous Norwegians actors by any measure.

That said, they have all featured in some known movies and TV shows, so let’s take a closer look at all the Norwegian actors from Succession S4E5!

Succession's 4th season is partly filmed in Norway. ©HBO.
Succession’s 4th season is partly filmed in Norway. ©HBO.

Eili Harboe

Eili Harboe is the most well-known of the Norwegian actors that show up in the fifth episode of Succession. She held the main role in the Norwegian movie Thelma, where she won several awards for her performance.

Eili Harboe’s role in Succession: Eili plays the role of Ebba, Matsson’s ex-girlfriend and employee. She has the biggest role of all the Norwegian cast in this episode.

Eili Harboe. Screenshot from "Succession, season 4, episode 5; "Kill List". © HBO.
Eili Harboe. Screenshot from “Succession, season 4, episode 5; “Kill List”. © HBO.

She is also seen in another HBO show, where she plays Ada, the daughter of one of the main casts on Beforeigners.

See a full list of Eili Harboe’s appearances on IMDB.

Christian Rubeck

Christian Rubeck shows up in Succession, and while he’s a pretty unknown actor, he had a role in an episode of the popular TV show Doctor Who. He has also held different roles, both small and big, in Norwegian TV series.

Christian Rubeck’s role in Succession: Christian Rubeck play Andreas Bloc, an important Gojo employee whom Hugo tries to impress.

Christian Rubeck. Screenshot from "Succession, season 4, episode 5; "Kill List". © HBO.
Christian Rubeck. Screenshot from “Succession, season 4, episode 5; “Kill List”. © HBO.

The biggest role Christian Rubeck has had is as one of the lead roles in Netflix’s mini series The Lørenskog Disappearance.

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Ellen Bendu

Ellen Bendu is probably the least known of all the three Norwegian actors who make an appearance on Succession’s fifth episode of season four, and she has mainly held minor roles in various Norwegian TV series such as Hvite Gutter or Basic Bitch.

This episode of Succession marks her first appearance on an international TV show.

Ellen Bendu’s role in Succession: Ellen Bendu plays a minor role in this episode of Succession, with only a single screen where she show up. She has no dialogue, and is credited as “GoJo Facilitator”.

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Other Scandinavian and Nordic actors in Succession S4E5

There are several other actors from Scandinavia and Nordic country in this episode of Succession, seeing at the Gojo company itself is Swedish. We’re going to take a brief look at the other Nordic and Scandinavian actors below.

The biggest roles of any Scandinavian or Nordic actor is obviously Alexander Skarsgård’s role as Lukas Matsson. He has played this part in several episodes in both season 3 and 4, and is arguably among the main cast for season 4. Skargård has held plenty of important movie roles, such as in True Blood, The Stand, Big Little Lies, and the movie Tarzan.

Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson plays one of the biggest new roles as Oskar Gudjohnsen in episode 5 of the 4th season of Succession. This Icelandic actor is best known for his role in Vikings: Valhalla.

Finally, we have Swedish actor Kristofer Kamiyasu, who plays Rasmus. He is briefly seen talking Swedish with Alexander Skarsgård when they are having the retreat party.

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