All Towns On Svalbard Explained

Homes on Svalbard

Svalbard is an arctic island owned by Norway, and it’s a popular tourist attraction for anyone who wants to experience the midnight sun, see the northern lights, see wild polar bears or just want an incredible adventure on this frigid, remote island. But what is the situation like when it comes to cities and towns … Read more

UiS Tuition Fees Will Be From 80,000 NOK To 150,000 NOK Annually

The entrance to the University of Stavanger

The Norwegian government decided to remove the tradition of offering free international education for foreign students in Norway in 2023, and rather require all students from non-EEA countries to pay full tuition for their position. There has been a lot of speculations as to how much the tuition fee is going to cost, but the … Read more

Cost of Thing in Svalbard (How Expensive Is Svalbard in 2023?)

The shop called 78° Taxfree

Many travelers dream of visiting Svalbard to see the arctic for real, and this island group is actually very different from mainland Norway. It’s a great place to visit for arctic excursions and wildlife safaris, but what’s the cost of things like in Svalbard? Is it as costly as in mainland Norway? Despite Svalbard being … Read more

Norway’s National Dish Explained

Homemade fårikål, Norway's national dish

Norway is home to many unique dishes, and many of them are clearly affected by a region with little access to species and different types of meat. Some of the Norwegian dishes include Norwegian meatballs, sodd, lapskaus, and Christmas food like pinnekjøtt and ribbe (pork ribs). But which dish is considered Norway’s national dish, and … Read more