Capital Punishment In Norway: Do Norway Have The Death Sentence? Explained!

Agder Prison. Photo by Kriminalomsorgen - The Norwegian Correctional Service.

Some countries and states have a capital punishment where criminals can be sentenced to the death sentence if they are found guilty of crimes, but what’s the deal with capital punishment in Norway? Norway does not have a death sentence or capital punishment, and has not had it since it was abolished in 1979. Capital … Read more

World’s Biggest Aircraft Carrier “USS Gerald R. Ford” Docks in Oslo, Norway

USS Gerald R. Ford in the Oslo fjord.

The world’s biggest aircraft carrier ship “USS Gerald R. Ford” made an official docking in Oslo, Norway on May 25, 2023. This marks the first visit of such a large US military vessel to dock in Norway, believed to be a show of force towards an ever aggressive Russia. Thousands of spectators gathered along the Oslo … Read more

Difference Between Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Vikings Explained Easily

A viking ship replica.

Most people think of the Scandinavian vikings as a single entity, but there were actually differences between the vikings from different parts of Scandinavia even back in the viking ages. The early viking ages didn’t have the same nations as we do now, but natural divisions made sure that the regions known as Norway, Sweden … Read more