Northern Norway’s Road Network Set for a 184 Billion NOK Boost

Northern Norway is steering towards a colossal investment in its road infrastructure, following a recent report which underlines the urgent need for a thorough upgrade. The report suggests a whopping 184 billion NOK to be funneled into this essential project. This initiative is not merely about connecting A to B; it’s about fueling economic growth, … Read more

Geiranger Eyes Mountain Parking Tunnel Solution Amid Tourist Traffic Surge

Sitting on a bench in Geiranger watching the cruise ships and the harbor.

Geiranger, a picturesque UNESCO World Heritage village, is grappling with traffic congestion due to an influx of nearly a million visitors each year. The local council is now considering a mountain parking tunnel to alleviate the issue. Geiranger’s narrow roads are causing traffic issues During summer, Geiranger’s narrow roads are overwhelmed with buses and private … Read more

Gunnarsholmen Fortress (& Infinity Pool) in Kragerø: Full Travel Guide

Gunnarsholmen Infinity Pool in Kragrerø.

Gunnarsholmen Fortress is a type of public park on a small island just outside Kragerø’s main city center. The fortress used to be vital for protecting the city a few hundred years ago, but now serves as an interesting tourist attraction with an incredible (and free) infinity pool, beach and greenery. If you’re visiting Kragerø … Read more