Norwegian Government Reduces Preschool Max Price to 2,000 NOK ($200) Monthly

Bjerkeveien kindergarten

Norway has been known to have some of the world’s most affordable preschool prices already, but the Norwegian government just announced a reduced max price to make Norwegian kindergartens even cheaper. The Norwegian government has just announced that the max price cap for preschool / kindergarten is set at 2,000 NOK (roughly $200 USD) per … Read more

See The Real-Time Electricity Prices in Norway (For Free)

Electricity grid

Norway has traditionally had very cheap electricity where you could use almost as much electricity as you wanted without fearing the bill. But that has all changed after Norway’s electricity export lines skyrocketed the electricity prices back in 2021, and they are now far higher than ever before. This has lead to Norwegians needing to … Read more

The Housing Crisis On Svalbard Explained

Homes on Svalbard.

Norway’s remote arctic island Svalbard houses lots of incredible job opportunities filled to the brim with unique experiences. Many people dream of living on Svalbard, but the current housing crisis on Svalbard makes it very difficult for most. But what’s the deal with the housing crisis on Svalbard, and how did it get there? Let’s … Read more