Norway’s National Bird: The White-throated Dipper

White-throated Dipper

Most countries in the world has chosen a national bird; a single species of bird that is representing the entire country. Norway is no different, and we chose our national bird already in 1963 when the national TV broadcaster (NRK) had a huge public vote for it. Norway’s national bird is the white-throated dipper, called … Read more

Trollstigen Visitor Center (Trollstigen Kafé) has been hit by a big avalanche


Trollstigen is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Norway, and brings in over 1 million visitors during the summer season. The special road itself is obviously the big attraction, but the Trollstigen Visitor Center with it’s famous restaurant is also very popular. The entire Trollstigen road is closed after the first … Read more

How To Get From Sandefjord Airport Torp To The Major Cities In South-Eastern Norway

Sandefjord Airport Torp

Sandefjord airport, more commonly known as Torp, is one of the medium-sized airports in Norway. It has lots of flights from most of Europe, as well as flights to and from other airports in Norway. If you are visiting Norway you might get a flight that is headed to Torp instead of Gardermoen. The airport … Read more