The Best Zoos In Norway: Top 10 Zoos In Norway

Den Sorte Dame, a full-sized pirate ship at Dyreparken

If you visit Norway with children, then a day at a zoo might be just what you need when it’s time to take a break from all the sightseeing. There are a good number of zoos in Norway, but only a few that can be considered big zoos where you can spend an entire day. … Read more

Going To The Cinema In Norway Without Speaking Norwegian: What It’s Really Like

The entrance to Odeon in Oslo

Norwegians love going to see movies in the cinema, but how would a movie theater experience be as a foreigner or tourist in Norway? This article will explain everything you need to know about going to the cinema in Norway as a non-Norwegian without any skills in understanding the Norwegian language. You will generally be … Read more

Are There Hot Springs In Norway? (All You Need To Know About Norwegian Hot Springs)

Beerenberg on Jan Mayen

Many tourists dream of sitting in steaming hot springs while the cold snow slows fall down on your head. That definitely sounds amazing, but is this something you can experience in Norway? There are unfortunately no natural hot springs in Norway, and this is simply the wrong country for taking a bath in a hot … Read more

Polar Bears In Norway

Polar bear

Many people believe that there are lots of polar bears in Norway, but this is only a half-truth. While we do technically have polar bears in Norway, most Norwegian people have not even been closer than 1,000 km of one. So, what’s up with the polar bears in Norway? There are no polar bears in … Read more