Joint Holiday In Norway (The Norwegian “Fellesferie” Explained)

Summer is a great time to see the fjords and mountains of Norway

Norway has a concept called joint holiday (fellesferie in Norwegian) where pretty much most of the population has a summer vacation at the same time. This has some big cultural implications that we will be looking closer at, but it’s also worth getting to know it if you plan on visiting Norway during the summer, … Read more

Visit Norway On A Budget: 13 Tips To Make Your Visit In Norway Cheaper


There’s no denying it: Norway can be pretty expensive for tourists. Groceries, eating out, public transport, renting a car, or even paying admission to entertainment avenues usually cost a lot more than in our neighboring countries, and many tourists get shocked at how expensive many things are in Norway. Despite a high price point, it’s … Read more

Dangerous Animals In Norway (A Complete Guide To Norway’s Wildlife)

Brown bear

Whenever you travel to someplace new, you will want to learn about potentially dangerous animals and wildlife where you are going, and this should also be the case when you plan on visiting Norway. There are generally very few dangerous animals in Norway, but there are some that could potentially could some harm to you. … Read more

Travel Tip: Den Lille Dyrehage (With Norway’s Biggest Indoor Rainforest!)

Den Lille Dyrehage is a perfect stop for tourists who are visiting southern Norway with young children, and are looking for a small zoo to spend a few hours. This park has the biggest tropical rain forest in all of Norway, thanks to a huge greenhouse that hosts snakes, monkeys, huge fish, lemurs, turtles and … Read more