Where To Buy Electronics In Norway

Many tourists who visit Norway is surprised that we don’t really have any of the major international electronic chains in Norway, and even Amazon has not yet set up shop here. So where do Norwegians buy their electronic from, and which stores should you choose when you need to pick up a new battery for your camera, a new charger for your laptop, or even an entirely new phone?

We will look closer at electronic stores in Norway in the article, giving you a few options on where to shop for electronic goods, and what price point to expect from it.

Physical stores that sell electronics

The biggest chains that sell electronics goods in Norway are called Elkjøp and Power. Both of these are specialized in selling pretty much all types of electronics, from fridges, stoves and freezers, to games, hair dryers and cell phones. If you need anything with a power cord, the chances are that you will find it in either of these stores.

While these two chains are competitors, they are almost identical when it comes to the selection and price, so just pick the one that is most convenient for you.

Elkøp Kristiansand
Elkøp electronic store in Kristiansand. Photo by: Helt / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Both Power and Elkjøp tend to have either big warehouses a little bit away from the city center with a big range of items, or a smaller store close to the city center with a smaller range of items. Most cities and towns in Norway has one of these, or even both.

Some other stores that sell electronic goods in Norway are Euronics. These stores tend to be a bit smaller and more expensive than Power or Elkjøp, but they can be a good option if there are no other store nearby.

Online store that sell electronics

There are actually a lot of different online stores that have specialized in selling electronic goods, and the most popular one in Norway is called Komplett. Komplett used to be targeting gamers and focusing on selling good products for low prices, but have recently re-branded to targeting regular people, and are no longer considered to be cheaper or better than the competition.

Another option is Kjell & Co. This is a bit smaller online store, but their products are often found to be the cheapest, so you can often find a good deal on that site. My personal favorite!

Both Power and Elkjøp has online stores as well, and these are pretty OK to use in my opinion. The price is usually pretty decent, especially when it comes to weekly deals. A good option if you want to save on shipping is to buy the item from the online store, then have it delivered to your local Power or Elkjøp store where you can pick it up.

How to find the best price for electronics online

If you are planning on buying electronics and want to make it as cheap as possible, it’s well worth to check out your options for finding the product cheaper. There are several different services that allows you to check the price on an item from all online stores in Norway, with the most popular being Prisguiden.

To use this tool, simply type in the product you want to buy (a specific product, not just “refrigerator”). This gives you a list of all online electronic stores that sell this item, and their price. It’s super easy to find the cheapest store with this tool.

Another alternative is Prisjakt. It works in pretty much the same way as Prisguiden. Both tools are completely free to use.

Phone chargers and small electronics are sold in many stores and gas stations

If you need commonly used charging cables like USB-C, Lightning, Micro USB or things like that, then you can usually pick this up from bigger grocery stores, gas stations or hardware stores.

The cheapest place to pick up chargers, USB-cables, HDMI cables and other commonly used cables is probably Biltema or Clas Ohlson. Both of these are hardware stores that sell a lot of different stuff, but both also has a good selection of charger cables and commonly used electronics. The good thing is that these chargers are typically very cheap compared to in regular electronic stores, so this is where I pick up any USB-cable or charging cable I need.

Biltema usually owns these enormous warehouses in the outskirts of city centers, but you can often see them from the road, so they are nice to stop by if you are driving a car. Clas Ohlson on the other hand tend to be in shopping centers or closer to the city center, so this is the more accessible option if you travel by foot or public transport.

It’s also worth nothing that both Clas Ohlson and Biltema has a big range of smaller consumer electronics as well, and sell stuff like lamps, kitchen appliances, electronic tools and more.

If you decide to buy a phone charger from a gas station or grocery store, expect to pay a premium. A single USB-C charger might cost you as much as 250 NOK in these places, so I would advise against buying it from these places unless you have no other option.

Gas stations in Norway sell all kinds of things, but at a high cost. Photo published with permission.

How to buy used electronics in Norway

If you want to buy second hand electronics, the two main marketplaces for this is Finn and Facebook Marketplace. Both of these allow regular people to list items for sale, so it can be a nice place to pick up a used PS4 for cheap if you want to have a console during your stay in Norway.

It is not actually very common for people in Norway to sell used electronics, so this means that you might not find a whole lot of options near you, and certain items might have very little competition, and therefore not really be much cheaper than buying it brand new. However, you might get lucky and find some good deals!

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