Can You Bring a Vape Pen to Norway? Full Answer!

Vape pens are gradually replacing regular cigarettes in terms of popularity, and offer many benefits over the traditional choice. But what’s the deal with vape pens in Norway? And can you even bring a vape pen to Norway when you’re coming to visit?

It is perfectly legal to bring a vape pen to Norway, but it’s technically not legal to bring containers with liquid nicotine. It’s strictly illegal to bring a vape pen with any amounts of THC or CBD to Norway!

So you can bring your vape pen to Norway legally, but the liquids are a different story. It’s easy to find e-liquids for sale without nicotine, which is legal in Norway.

Any vape liquids that contain nicotine are currently illegal unless you have a prescription.

Bringing e-liquid with nicotine to Norway

All e-liquids with nicotine in them requires a doctor’s prescription to bring to Norway. This can be obtained on the basis of using the vape pens as a means to stop smoking real cigarettes, so they’re not really that difficult to come by.

If you do have a prescription for nicotine liquids for your vape pen, you can legally bring it to Norway as you would import any other medications to Norway.

New vape pen regulations are expected in late 2023

The Norwegian government is currently working on changing the regulations when it comes to vape pens and other products that uses nicotine, and this is expected to severely change the regulations about bringing vape pens to Norway.

It’s currently not 100 % clear how the new regulations will affect it all, but many people are expecting that the government will open up for allowing vape pens with use of nicotine liquids under certain circumstances.

Some of the proposed changes will include an age limit, and possibly banning all vape pen liquids with taste profiles.

This article will be updated as soon as the new regulation is publicly announced.

Stortinget is Norway’s government building. Photo published with permission.

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