12 Tourist Traps In Norway: The Most Underwhelming Attractions

The fish market in Bergen is considered one of the biggest tourist traps in Norway

Norway is an incredible country with lots of different tourist attractions, both natural attractions as well as man-made structures aimed to wow people who experience them. There are generally fewer tourist traps in Norway than in many other countries in the world, but there are still some big tourist traps that you might want to … Read more

How To Get From Kirkenes Airport Høybuktmoen To Kirkenes City Center

Kirkenes airport Høybuktmoen

Visiting Kirkenes is a very special experience, with this rather small town being closer to the Russian border than any neighboring city. It’s in a remote place far north in Norway, and the easiest method of getting to Kirkenes is by flying an airplane to Kirkenes airport Høybuktmoen. But the problem is that Høybuktmoen is … Read more

Is Trolltunga Safe To Visit? All You Need To Know!

Trolltunga queue

Trolltunga is one of the most incredible natural sights in all of Norway, and it attracts over 80,000 visitors every single year. This rock formation is pretty unique with the rock sticking out over the mountainside, but is Trolltunga safe to visit? Visiting Trolltunga is pretty safe, but there are some tourists who have fallen … Read more

Is Kjeragbolten Safe? (All About Safety at Kjeragbolten)

Kjeragbolten 1

Kjeragbolten is a characteristic rock wedged between two mountainsides, overhanging the majestic Lysefjorden. It’s definitely one of the most popular places to get a photo in the area, but how safe is it really to climb out onto Kjergabolten for a photo op? There has never been a single fatality or even accident at Kjeragbolten … Read more

Why You Need Travel Insurance When Visiting Norway (From Most Countries)

Hospital stays are free in Norway

The general healthcare system in Norway is very good with very low fees for the end user. Even being admitted for a big surgery at a hospital is completely free in Norway, but despite this, I still recommend travel insurance to tourists who visit Norway. So why do you need travel insurance when visiting Norway … Read more