The Housing Crisis On Svalbard Explained

Homes on Svalbard.

Norway’s remote arctic island Svalbard houses lots of incredible job opportunities filled to the brim with unique experiences. Many people dream of living on Svalbard, but the current housing crisis on Svalbard makes it very difficult for most. But what’s the deal with the housing crisis on Svalbard, and how did it get there? Let’s … Read more

7 Svalbard Myths Debunked

The cemetery on Svalbard. Photo by Ssu / CC BY-SA 4.0.

The arctic island of Svalbard is home to many myths and legends. It’s certainly a strange island archipelago, but it’s a popular tourist destination nonetheless. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that there are lots of myths related to the island where you have a limit to the alcohol you can buy, where you are legally … Read more

Guide: Get From Oslo To Trondheim Easily (5 Viable Options)

SAS airplane

Trondheim is one of Norway’s cities that has the most interesting history, having previously been the capital city of the country during the late viking ages. It’s still one of Norway’s biggest and most important cities, and are by many regarded as the tech capital of Norway. You will find a youthful population in Trondheim, … Read more

Are Norwegian Speeding Limits Suggestions or Hard Limits? Explained!

Many tourists are shocked by Norway’s seemingly slow speed limits when driving a car, and are wondering if these speed limits are for real. There are some countries where the speed limits are mere suggestions, while they are hard caps in other countries. So, what’s up with speed limits in Norway? Are they just suggestions, … Read more