How To Walk On Slippery Ice In Norway (Complete Guide)

Studs to put on your shoes

If you visit Norway during the late winter, you might experience what we call “hålke” in Norwegian, a type of ice that is extremely slippy. This particular ice is a result from when the ice or snow melts during the day, but freezes as night, making it practically free from traction. Many tourists and foreigners … Read more

Payment Methods In Norway (Detailed Info On How To Pay)

Karl Johans gate

There are a surprisingly big difference between countries when it comes to how you should pay for stuff. Some countries prefer cash while others only accept credit cards, so what’s the preferred payment methods in Norway? Most payments in Norway is done by a debit or credit card, and this is the standard payment method … Read more

Going To The Cinema In Norway Without Speaking Norwegian: What It’s Really Like

The entrance to Odeon in Oslo

Norwegians love going to see movies in the cinema, but how would a movie theater experience be as a foreigner or tourist in Norway? This article will explain everything you need to know about going to the cinema in Norway as a non-Norwegian without any skills in understanding the Norwegian language. You will generally be … Read more