How To Get To Odda, Norway

Houses in Odda, a small village known for it's proximity to Trolltunga.

The small fjord town Odda is a popular tourist destination for both Norwegian and international tourists. It’s not because the town itself is that unique and interesting, but the surrounding natural attractions are what brings people to Odda. A short car ride away from Odda will bring you to the start of the amazing Trolltunga … Read more

How to Get From Longyearbyen Cruise Port to Longyearbyen City Center

Homes on Svalbard

Svalbard with it’s unofficial capital city Longyearbyen is one of Norway’s most exotic and unique places, and a popular destination for large tourist cruise ships. Many cruise ships spend a full day or even multiple days in the Port of Longyearbyen, so what’s the best method to get between Longyearbyen harbor and the city center? … Read more