The 6 Cheapest Cities For International Students In Norway In 2022

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences campus in Førde

Many students dream of moving to Norway for a semester (or more) as an international student, and get a feel for Norwegian culture, nature and education all at the same time. The only problem is just that Norway is incredible expensive, especially for non-working international students! So, are there any cities in Norway that are … Read more

How to become a member of the National Insurance Scheme in Norway

Hospital stays are free in Norway

The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme is a type of social insurance that grant you certain rights if you get injured, sick or lose your job in Norway. All Norwegian citizens are members of the National Insurance Scheme (called Folketrygden in Norwegian), but how can you become a member as a foreigner? To become a member … Read more

How To Get Buypass

Man signing a contract

You will want to get a method of logging into digital public services if you are moving to Norway, because most applications and official letters are sent digitally here. These require a higher level of security than regular passwords, so you need what is called a “level 4 security” login. There are three different types … Read more

Rental Prices in Oslo in 2022 (How Much Is It To Rent an Apartment in Oslo?)

An apartment building in Oslo

Oslo is Norway’s biggest city, and much like most other big cities internationally, the housing market has gotten out of control. It’s getting increasingly more expensive to rent an apartment in Oslo, so what’s the current price for renting in Oslo like? The average monthly rental cost in 2022 for a 1 bedroom apartment in … Read more