Living Costs For Students In Norway (2022/23 Numbers)

There are thousands of international students who come to Norway to study at the universities, and get to experience the Norwegian culture while also getting a free university degree. But even though the university degree itself is free for EU-citizens (but no longer for international students), you still need to pay the living costs for … Read more

The 6 Cheapest Cities For International Students In Norway In 2022

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences campus in Førde

Many students dream of moving to Norway for a semester (or more) as an international student, and get a feel for Norwegian culture, nature and education all at the same time. The only problem is just that Norway is incredible expensive, especially for non-working international students! So, are there any cities in Norway that are … Read more

How to become a member of the National Insurance Scheme in Norway

Hospital stays are free in Norway

The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme is a type of social insurance that grant you certain rights if you get injured, sick or lose your job in Norway. All Norwegian citizens are members of the National Insurance Scheme (called Folketrygden in Norwegian), but how can you become a member as a foreigner? To become a member … Read more

Security Deposits In Norway When Renting: Everything You Need To Know

An apartment building in Oslo

When you’re renting an apartment or a house in Norway, you will need to pay a security deposit to the landlord. This is in cases where money is owed, and you will get it back under normal circumstances. Security deposits are completely normal in Norway, but what exactly is the security deposit for, and how … Read more