Wild Reindeer Safari In Norway

The Norwegian reindeer population is something truly unique, and the subspecies known as mountain reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) is only found in the Norwegian mountains. Many people argue that the wild reindeer should be Norway’s national animal, but while it’s not, the mountain reindeer is certainly a unique part of Norway. There are few things … Read more

Norway’s National Animal Explained

A moose with calves.

Most countries in the world has a chosen national animal, and Norway is no exception to that tradition. So, let’s take a closer look at Norway’s national animal! There is no official national animal in Norway, but a vote of popularity by the Norwegian public decided that the moose should be considered as the national … Read more

Norway’s National Flower Explained

Common heather is Norway's national flower

Most countries have an official national flower, and it’s usually a flower that represents or symbolizes the country. But what is Norway’s national flower like? There’s actually not an official Norwegian national flower, but there are two unofficial national flowers. These are pyramidal saxifrage (Saxifraga cotyledon or bergfrue in Norwegian) and common heather (Calluna vulgaris … Read more

When Is The First Snowfall In Norway? (All The Dates Revealed!)

A mountain road in Norway during winter

Norway’s most popular tourist season is in the summer, but there are also many people who visit Norway to see the northern lights, experience the amazing winter, and look at the beautiful landscape covered in snow. But when exactly can you expect the first snowfall in Norway each year? It’s obviously not possible to say … Read more