Utmark: What It Is, And What It Isn’t

A tent on Femundsmarka

When you read up on the laws and regulations about the freedom to roam in Norway, you will come across the word utmark quite often. This is often translated to “unfenced land”, but this is not really a very fitting word for it. So, what exactly is utmark? Let’s get to know the ins and … Read more

Earthquakes In Norway: Everything You Need To Know

Earthquakes are one of the biggest natural threats in many parts around the world, but what is the earthquake situation like in Norway? Should you be concerned with earthquakes if you ever visit Norway? Let’s take a close look at what the earthquake situation in Norway is like! Earthquakes that causes damage and destruction are … Read more

Dangerous Animals In Norway (A Complete Guide To Norway’s Wildlife)

Brown bear

Whenever you travel to someplace new, you will want to learn about potentially dangerous animals and wildlife where you are going, and this should also be the case when you plan on visiting Norway. There are generally very few dangerous animals in Norway, but there are some that could potentially could some harm to you. … Read more

Are There Hot Springs In Norway? (All You Need To Know About Norwegian Hot Springs)

Beerenberg on Jan Mayen

Many tourists dream of sitting in steaming hot springs while the cold snow slows fall down on your head. That definitely sounds amazing, but is this something you can experience in Norway? There are unfortunately no natural hot springs in Norway, and this is simply the wrong country for taking a bath in a hot … Read more