Trollstigen Is Closing Down Until 2025


Trollstigen is known as one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions, with over 1.1 million visitors yearly. People come from all over the world to experience the amazing scenery driving up or down the 19 hairpin bends along the incredible mountains surrounding the road. However, an increasing number of rocks falling down from the mountain … Read more

Consumer Prices Are Up 4.8 % In Norway Compared To 12 Months Ago; Food Prices Up 9.3 %!

Norwegian bank notes

Statistics Norway (SSB) recently published their yearly report about Norway’s consumer price index (CPI), which gives a good insight into exactly how the prices for goods have developed in the last 12 months. Norway’s total consumer price index has increased by 4.8 % in total, but there are big differences between different sectors. The price … Read more

Norwegian Government Reduces Preschool Max Price to 2,000 NOK ($200) Monthly

Bjerkeveien kindergarten

Norway has been known to have some of the world’s most affordable preschool prices already, but the Norwegian government just announced a reduced max price to make Norwegian kindergartens even cheaper. The Norwegian government has just announced that the max price cap for preschool / kindergarten is set at 2,000 NOK (roughly $200 USD) per … Read more

80 % Fewer Non-EU Students to Begin Norwegian University This Year

The main entrance to University of South-Eastern Norway at campus Bø. Bø is one of the cheapest cities for international students in Norway.

The Norwegian government decided to implement tuition fees for all non-EU/EEA citizens for attending universities in Norway beginning in August 2023, and the first numbers are in seeing as we’re getting very close to the start of the semester! Only 234 non-EU/EEA citizens paying tuitions fees are beginning university in Norway in August 2023, a … Read more

Many Norwegian Companies Boycott Popular Chocolate Producer Freia Over Ukraine’s Blacklist

White Chocolate by Freia. Photo by Nicklas Iversen / The Norway Guide.

The Norwegian chocolate producer Freia has long been beloved by the Norwegian people, but a recent realization that Freia’s owners Mondelez are on Ukraine’s blacklist has sparked a far-reaching boycott for the popular products. Mondelez is on Ukraine’s official blacklist of companies that are supporting war efforts in Russia, due to the fact that Mondelez … Read more