The Museum of the Viking Age Is Saved By 700,000,000 NOK Extra Budget Grant

The fate of the Museum of the Viking Age (previously known av the Viking Ship Museum) has been uncertain for a long time period. The original museum closed in 2021 to make room for a new and upgraded building, but budget issues lead to the construction being put on hold. Increased costs for raw materials … Read more

Construction of the New Museum of the Viking Age is Put on Hold Due to Budget Issues

Museum of the Viking Age 2

The Viking Ship Museum was one of the most visited Norwegian museums with over 500,000 visitors yearly, but it was closed down in late 2021. The reason was because the museum needed bigger and better buildings to prevent decay to the viking shops, and a plan to make the new Museum of the Viking Age … Read more

Lofoten Might Introduce A “Tourism Tax”

Horseid beach in Lofoten

Lofoten is one of the most popular tourist attraction in all of Norway, but the insane popularity has lead to some disputes between the tourism industry and locals. The hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the islands every year leads to problems with waste, need for maintenance on trails and public areas, and the … Read more