What Convoy Driving / Kolonnekjøring Is Like (All About Driving In A Convoy)

Norwegian mountain road

Norway’s extreme weather makes for bad driving conditions in the winter, especially up in the mountains. You will have to cross a mountain pass like Hardangervidda if you are traveling between the west and east of Norway, and these passes are often incredibly challenging to pass during the peak of winter. If you’re passing over … Read more

11 Best Norwegian Historical Movies (Learn About Norwegian History From Movies)

Inside Odeon in Oslo

Norway has a pretty interesting movie industry, and the movies with the highest budgets and biggest profit tends to be historical movies about Norway. Norwegian people have a huge appetite for historical movies, and this has resulted in a lot of great movies about historical events in Norway, so it’s great for anyone that want … Read more

The Price For A Bunad Explained (How Much Does A Budnad Cost?)


Bunads are a traditional Norwegian folk costume that is used at celebrations, and they are a common sight on Norway’s national day on May 17. These folk costumes are intricate pieces of clothing with hand embroidery, pieces of silver attached to it, and with plenty of different ornamentation. You can probably guess that a bunad … Read more

Why Norwegian Babies Are Napping Outside In Freezing Temperatures

Baby stroller outside in winter

Many people are shocked by learning that Norwegian parents let their babies sleep outside in their strollers even during winter. You might have come across a photo like the one below and wondered if Norwegian parents are insane, or if it’s really safe. So what’s the deal with Norwegian babies sleeping outside in freezing temperatures? … Read more

Norwegian Dugnad Explained

Raking leafs

Norway does have some cultural oddities that might seem very strange to both tourists and foreigners who travel to Norway, and one of these is the dugnad. There’s not really a good English word for dugnad, and the best explanation is that it’s a type of community day where people get together to tidy, repair, … Read more