Does Norway Have Nuclear Weapons? Answered!

Norway is a technologically advanced country that produces a lot of modern weapon systems, but what’s the status of nuclear weapons in Norway? Do Norwegian even have nuclear weapons?

Norway does not have nuclear weapons, and are not currently working on obtaining it. However, Norway is a member of NATO, where several different nations have nuclear weapons at their disposal.


This means that while Norway does not own any nuclear weapons itself, it kind of has access to it trough close ties with other NATO member states.

Norway’s stance towards nuclear weapons

Norway does not own or have plans on developing nuclear weapons, so it’s unlikely that Norway will ever own these types of mass destruction devices.

Norway has not signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which aims to ban all ownership and use of nuclear weapons. This is despite the fact that 78 % of the Norwegian population wants Norway to sign the treaty.

Many people find it weird that Norway refuses to sign this treaty seeing as the country tend to want to front itself as a “peace country” that facilitates world peace.

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