How To Get From Bardufoss Airport To Bardufoss City Center

Bardufoss is a small Norwegian city located 2 hours south of Tromsø. It’s a nice little place to stop by on your trip to northern Norway, and it’s located close to the island Senja, a perfect place for a hiking adventure in northern Norway.

Bardufoss has its own airport, and there are plenty of domestic flights to it even though it’s a rather small airport. But how do you get from Bardufoss airport to the city center in Bardufoss as easily and cheaply as possible?

Bardufoss airport is actually located very close to the city center, so there is only a 1 kilometre walk or drive. This means that you can easily walk to the city center. Other than that, there are local buses that drives between the airport and city center a few times daily.

A SAS 373 at Bardufoss airport
A SAS 373 at Bardufoss airport. Photo by Siri Spjelkavik / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Get to Bardufoss city center by walking

The most common option for getting from Bardufoss airport to the city center is to walk. The short 1 kilometre walk is only 6 – 8 minutes long, so it should not be a problem unless you have a lot of luggage.

There are sidewalks for pretty much the entire walk, and you even use a bridge to cross E6 just before getting to the city center.

Take the bus from Bardufoss airport to the city center

Even though the distance from Bardufoss airport to Bardufoss city center is rather short, there are buses that goes between the two destinations.

There are two companies that operates this bus line. One is called Flybussen, and the other is the local bus company called Troms Fylkestransport.

Flybussen departures are pretty infrequent, and only leaves 2 – 3 times a day. While this is not very often, they are typically timed well with airplanes that land, so you might just be able to board one of these buses when you arrive at the airport.

The price for a single ticket is 89 NOK, so it’s a pretty costly affair for a 2 minute drive in my opinion. However, if you got a lot of luggage, it might be your best option. The bus also drives to more stops further along the way.

The local bus leaves only once daily, so that’s not much better. However, it’s only about 40 NOK if you are lucky enough to catch the local bus at around 7 in the morning.

Flybussen in Bergen
What Flybussen looks like. Keep in mind that this is not fra Bardufoss, but rather from Bergen. Photo: JoachimKohlerBremen / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Driving a taxi from the airport to Bardufoss

There are taxis that often wait outside of Bardufoss airport, but there might not always be taxis there since it’s a rather small town. If you want to ride a taxi to the city center, your best bet is to book one in advance by calling Målselv Taxi phone on (+47) 77 83 17 00.

That way you have your taxi ready to go. Bardufoss is also a small place, so it’s often safe to call and book the taxi just after your flight has ended.

The drive into the city center is only about 2 minutes long, but expect to pay around 200 NOK for the trip, since taxis are very expensive in Norway.

Car rentals at Bardufoss airport

If you are travelling to Senja or even the Lofoten islands, getting a car rental is a great option. There are several car rentals that can deliver cars to Bardufoss airport for you to pick them up. If you are renting a car, the drive to Bardufoss city center is only a few minutes long.

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