How To Get From Haugesund Airport To The City Center

The quickest way to get to Haugesund is by flying to Haugesund airport Karmøy, and there are frequent daily departures from all the major cities in Norway to Haugesund airport. This allows you to access the beautiful western coast very easily, and it’s a nice little city to explore if you’re visiting Norway.

One of the downsides to flying to Haugesund airport is that it’s a bit far away from the city center. So what’s the best, easiest and cheapest method of getting from the airport to Haugesund city center?

Haugesund airport is roughly 14 kilometres away from Haugesund city center, so it’s a 15 – 20 minute car ride or a 25 minute bus ride. The best way to get from Haugesund airport to the city center is by getting on the airport express bus (Flybussen).

Haugesund airport
Outside Haugesund airport. Photo by: Dr RdL / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Riding a buss from Haugesund airport to the city center

The only bus company that drives between Haugesund airport is called Flybussen (Airport Express), and has plenty of departures from the airport straight to the city center. As a matter of fact, this bus has departures timed with all incoming flights, so the bus should always be waiting for you when you get to the airport.

It stops at several common stops along the way, including the hospital and several hotels. The bus ride from the airport to the city center is roughly 25 minutes in total, and the cost is around 150 – 200 NOK per person. Tickets can be bought when boarding the bus.

The public buses only stop outside Park Inn Haugesund, which is roughly 3 kilometres from the airport itself. So you can use these public buses if you are prepared to either ride a taxi for 3 kilometres or go for a 20 – 25 minute walk to get to the stop.

You can see the bus time tables on Komumbus’ website. The positive side to this is that these public buses are cheaper than the airport express bus.

Getting a taxi to Haugesund

There are usually a taxi or two waiting outside the main entrance to Haugesund airport, so just pop into any of them to ride the taxi. If there are no taxis outside the airport, call the number on the taxi central there to book one to come pick you up.

Taxis in Norway are pretty expensive, and the cost of the trip from the airport to Haugesund city center is usually around 350 – 400 NOK during regular business hours, and 450 – 500 NOK during evening or night.

Taxis spend about 15 – 20 minutes to get to the city center. The big benefit of riding a taxi is that you can obviously get it to drive you to exactly where you want to go, so it’s great for getting to places a bit on the outskirts of the city.

If you’re travelling with a party of 4, riding the taxi into town might be cheaper than all four of you paying for a ticket at the airport express bus, so it might be a good option for some travelers.

Car rentals at Haugesund airport

There are several different car rental companies at Haugesund airport, so it’s easy to pick up a rental car if you want that. The car rental companies are located at the main airport hall in the airport, so just stop by if you’re looking to rent a car. There are usually several different cars available, so there’s not really a need to book in advance unless your flight arrives outside of normal business hours.

The drive from the airport to the city center is fast and easy if you got a rental car. Just follow E134 until you get to the Park Inn Haugesund cross, then keep going north on E134 until you get to the city center.

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