How To Get From Sogndal Airport Haukåsen To The City Center

Sogndal airport Haukåsen is a somewhat small airport located about 19 kilometers away from the town of Sogndal. This town is one of the bigger towns in the Sogn og Fjordane area, and is known for being a popular town for students since there’s a university there.

Sogndal airport mainly have flights to and from Bergen, Oslo and some other smaller Norwegian airports, so it’s not really the most used airport. However, it’s nice for when you need to get to Sogndal without the hassle of driving there. It’s also the closest airport if you are traveling to Flåm, Lærdal or Balestrand to enjoy the incredible nature of Norway.

But as you can imagine, you will need to have some form of transportation to get from Sogndal airport Haukåsen to Sogndal since it’s almost 20 km away.

So, what’s the fastest and easiest method of getting from the airport to Sogndal?

The easiest method of getting from Sogndal airport Haukåsen to Sogndal is to ride the airport shuttle by Kringom bus line. This bus leaves every few hours, and a single ticket is 80 NOK. It arrives in Sogndal after about 30 minutes. Other options are car rentals or riding a taxi.

Sogndal airport Haukåsen
Sogndal airport Haukåsen. Photo by Peter John Acklam / CC BY-SA 3.0.

More details on riding the bus from Sogndal airport Haukåsen to the city center

Most people who are traveling to Sogndal from the airport opt to ride the bus, and it’s both convenient and fairly cheap. There’s only a single bus line from the airport, so you won’t have to worry about getting on the wrong bus.

The bus from Sogndal airport Haukåsen to Sogndal is called the line FB58, and cost 80 NOK for adults and 40 NOK for children. It leaves 5 – 6 times daily, but these departures are tied to arriving flights, so there is a big chance that you will be just in time for the bus when you arrive at the airport.

You can see the bus’s schedule on Kringom’s website.

The ride from the airport to the city center of Sogndal is about 30 minutes in regular traffic.

Sognefjorden. Photo published with permission.

Other options for getting to Sogndal from Sogndal airport Haukåsen

You have a few other options beside the bus when you are traveling from Sogndal airport to the city, but not many. Let’s take a closer look at the few other options.

Ride a taxi to Sogndal

One of the options is to ride a taxi for the 25 minute trip. This will likely cost around 400 – 600 NOK, so be prepared for this pretty hefty cost before getting into the taxi! Taxis are simply crazy expensive in Norway, so I would personally not recommend you to ride a taxi unless you have no other option.

Taxis will usually be waiting outside the main airport exit. If not, call Sogndal taxi on (+47) 57 67 10 00 to get them to send a taxi driver for you. These taxis also tend to stick around whenever a new flight arrives, so you will usually find an available taxi waiting when you get out from the airport.

Can you walk to Sogndal?

The road between Sogndal airport Haukåsen and Sogndal city center is not suited for walking! This means that you will have to walk along hiking trails and outside of the main road, and it will be a long and tedious journey. I would not recommend it since it’s clearly not intended.

There’s also no train track or other type of public transport beside the buses.

Car rentals at Sogndal airport

The final option is to rent a car at the airport. All the major car rental agencies have outlets at the airport, so you can easily get in touch with a car rental agent to get yourself a rental car.

I would advise you to book the rental car in advance to get the best price and save some time, but that’s up to you. You might not get the best car selection when you just show up, compared to if you book in advance.

The driving directions to Sogndal are easy. Follow the only road from the airport until you get to Rv5. Turn left (sign will be saying Sogndal) in the first split, and just keep driving on this road until you get to the city center.

Rv5 will pass directly between Sogndal, so it’s impossible to miss! If it’s a bit unclear, just take a look at the map below for more information and details.

Table summary of your options of getting from the airport to Sogndal

Estimated priceEstimated timeAdditional info
Bus80 NOK30 minutesBest value!
Taxi500 – 600 NOK25 minutesAvailable 24/7.
WalkingFree5+ hoursNot recommended.
Car rental600 – 1.000 NOK25 minutesNice if you’re exploring the area.

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