How To Get From Sandefjord Airport Torp To The Major Cities In South-Eastern Norway

Sandefjord airport, more commonly known as Torp, is one of the medium-sized airports in Norway. It has lots of flights from most of Europe, as well as flights to and from other airports in Norway.

If you are visiting Norway you might get a flight that is headed to Torp instead of Gardermoen. The airport itself is just a short distance away from the city called Sandefjord, but Torp acts as the main airport for all of South-Eastern Norway.

Check in at Sandefjord Airport Torp. Photo by Nicklas Iversen /
Check in at Sandefjord Airport Torp. Photo by Nicklas Iversen /

It’s fairly easy to get to and from Torp from all the major cities in all of South-Eastern Norway, including cities like Skien, Tønsberg, Horten, Sandefjord, Porsgrunn, Larvik, Drammen and more.

Torp has excellent bus and train connection, and has its own stop on the Vestfoldbanen train line. This means that you can ride the train to most of the big cities in all of South-Eastern Norway.

Sandefjord Airport Torp
Sandefjord Airport Torp. Photo by Wolfmann / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Use Vestfoldbanen train line to get to all the major cities

Whenever you are leaving Torp to get to a major city like Skien, Tønsberg, Horten, Sandefjord, Porsgrunn, Larvik, Drammen, or even to Oslo, the easiest method is to ride the train.

There are shuttle buses that takes you between Torp and the train stop where you can buy train tickets and board the train. The train typically leaves every hour, and the shuttle bus only uses around 3 minutes from outside the airport to the train station. The shuttle buses coordinate with the trains, so you never have to wait more than a few minutes for the train to arrive after exiting the shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus between Torp airport and Torp train station is free of charge.

Ride the southbound train (marked with Skien) to get to Sandefjord, Larvik, Porsgrunn and Skien. Skien is the final stop, but you can potentially change trains there to head towards other parts of Telemark.

Ride northbound to get to Tønsberg, Holmestand, Drammen and finally Oslo. You can change trains in both Drammen and Oslo if you want to travel to other cities like Trondheim, Bergen or any other major city in Norway.

Torp train station
Torp train station and the shuttle bus to Torp airport. Photo by Wolfmann / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Bus rides from Torp

In addition to being close to the train track, you can also get to and from Torp by bus, and most of the cities and towns in southern and eastern Norway will have a bus that stops by Torp airport.

The Torp Airport Express (Torpekspressen) rides between Oslo and Torp, and is a quick way to get to Oslo. Expect to pay around 250 NOK for a single ticket. It’s not really all that much faster (and the view is much more boring) than the train, but it’s a nice option if you for some reason don’t want to ride the train.

There’s also Telemarksekspressen (Nor-Way) that departs to destinations in Telemark county. This will even let you keep going over the Hardangervidda plateau and towards the western part of Norway.

If you want to go so Southern Norway, go for the Sørlandsekspressen (VY190) instead. This takes you to Kristiansand, and stops in cities like Grimstad, Arendal and Kragerø. You need to ride a shuttle bus to Sandefjord to get on Sørlandsekspressen.

Car rentals from Torp airport

There are several different car rental companies that operates from Sandefjord airport Torp, and you can usually just stop by the car rental agent there to rent a car, as long as you arrive during business hours. There are typically cars ready to be rented, but you will save some money and time if you reserve a rental car ahead of time.

Torp is very close to the major highway E18 that takes you to any of the major cities in all of the eastern part of Norway. Just follow the signs towards E18 for a few minutes, and you’re on the highway before you know it.

4 thoughts on “How To Get From Sandefjord Airport Torp To The Major Cities In South-Eastern Norway”

  1. Hi, Nicklas. Thank you for this article. Could you share any ideas how to spend a long connection in Torp airport? I have time between 9AM and 7PM. If you had 10 hours, including time to get from/to the airport, where would you go? I’ve never been to Norway. The most interesting for me is either nature or small coastline towns (or both).

    • Hi, Andrei.

      I would recommend to spend the day in Tønsberg. It’s about 1 hour of public transportation each way, or 25 minutes by taxi.

      Tønsberg is a medium sized coastal town with lots of coastal nature nearby. It’s a great place to just explore on your own on a sunny day. It also has a long viking history if you’re into that kind of thing.

      Another option is to travel to Sandefjord. It’s a lot of the same, but a bit smaller.

      Best regards

  2. Hi,
    I believe the train goes every hour to Oslo.
    Is it a set time.

    Arriving at 12.45pm from Copenhagen.
    Wondered how long to finally get to Oslo.

    Departing 2 weeks later.
    A 9.40am flight from TRF.
    I will be in Oslo the night prior.
    What time train would I need to catch to get to the airport in time.?

    Wondering if too hard, whether I should change airlines that land at the other major airport nearer to Oslo.

    Many thanks


    • Hi, Fiona.

      The train is usually at Torp at XX:51 every hour, but there are some exceptions. The ride to Oslo is 1 hour and 30 minutes, so it’s not that long really. The closest airport to Oslo (Gardermoen Airport) is still 40 minutes, so arriving at Torp is another hour of train.

      The last train leaves Torp at 22:51 in the evening, and the first one in the morning goes at 04:50. But they are mostly hourly during the day.

      I don’t know exactly how long you want to stay at the airport before the airplane leaves when you depart, but I would probably get a very early train from Oslo if I were you. The first departure from Oslo to Torp is at 06:39, and at Torp at 08:12. That sounds like a pretty decent timing in my opinion.

      But keep in mind that all time slots might change between now and when you are coming, so make sure to check like a week before you arrive to make sure there are no changes.

      I would not bother changing airlines to arrive at another airport if I were you. It’s very easy to get between Torp and Gardermoen, and the train ride’s scenery is pretty decent for Eastern Norway.

      Best regards


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