How to Get to Bergen Fish Market

The fish market in Bergen is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, and is well-known for it’s fish stalls and souvenir shops. It’s definitely on the bucket list of most people visiting Bergen, but how do you get to Bergen Fish Market?

Bergen Fish Market is located in at the Bergen Wharf (Bryggen), just a few minutes from Bergen city center. The nearest bus and light rail station is Strandgaten 1 minute away, and Torget 3 minutes away.

Since the fish market is pretty much right in the center of Bergen, most buses and the Bybanen (Bergen’s Light Rail) stops very close to it, and it’s within walking distance of most places in the city center.

The fish market in Bergen
The fish market in Bergen. Photo by Tu / CC BY 2.0.

You can clearly see the fish market from the stops Strandgaten and Torget, so you won’t have any problems knowing which direction to walk in.

How to get to Bergen Fish Market from the airport

Bergen Airport, known as Flesland, is located roughly 18 kilometers away from Bergen city center and the fish market, so it’s a bit of a ride to get there.

The easiest method of getting from Flesland to Bergen Fish Market is to get on Bybanen. This is a light rail that takes you all the way to the fish market.

Just get a ticket, get on the next Bybanen carrier, and ride it all the way to the end, and you’re just next to Bergen Fish Market! Super easy, convenient and very cheap.

If you want more details on how to ride the Bybanen from Flesland, click here for a detailed guide.

Bergen Light Rail / Bybanen
Bybanen offers the easiest and cheapest method to get around in Bergen. Photo by David Gubler / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Should you visit Bergen Fish Market?

Bergen Fish Market is without a doubt one of Bergen’s most famous tourist attractions, but many tourists feel like it’s a classic tourist trap.

It’s very crowded at all times, the quality of the goods sold there is questionable at best, and the prices are way above what you would pay for a better product in a real fish shop.

There are other fish vendors in Bergen that sell higher quality fish for much lower prices, so while Bergen Fish Market is certainly an experience, you might not want to spend your hard earned money there.

Tourist shop at the Fish Market in Bergen
Tourist shop at the Fish Market in Bergen. Photo by Hajotthu / CC BY 3.0.

It’s very clear that the fish market is aimed at tourists, and it’s 100 % a tourist place, and not by any means a “real” fish market where Norwegians would go to buy ingredients.

That said, you will definitely want to stop by Bryggen when you are in Bergen. This wharf is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Norway, so it’s worth a trip in itself. Just consider if you really want to overpay at the stalls on the fish market..

Bryggen in Bergen
Bryggen in Bergen in fall. Photo published with permission.

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