How to get from Oslo Airport to Oslo City Center

Oslo airport (Gardermoen) is a hotspot for collective travel. It is relatively easy to navigate even if you’re new to Norway, as both the train and bus station can be found on the Airport’s basement floor.  

The easiest way to get from Oslo Airport to Oslo City Center is to go down to the train station in the basement and buy a train ticket from the ticket vendor. Wait 5-15 minutes for the VY train to arrive, board it, and enjoy the scenery. 

For more info on this, check out our article on buying train tickets in Norway

Train table board at Oslo Central Station
Train Table Board at Oslo Central Station. Published with permission.

Traveling from Gardermoen by train, bus, or car? 

Comparing estimated cost and time use

Although the train is usually the easiest way to travel from Gardermoen to Oslo City Center, you have other options as well. Here’s a table comparing the price and time use of some of the most common options:

Price114-210 NOK114-199 NOK700-1300 NOK900-1800 NOK
Time ca 19-25 minsca 60-70 minsca 40 minsca 40 mins

Buying and booking tickets from Oslo Airport to Oslo City Center

You can use VY’s app or webpage to view departures and book tickets for both train, taxi, and bus, whilst Uber’s services are available through their own app or webpage. You can also hail a taxi directly right outside of the Airport’s main floor. 

The Airport Express train (Flytoget) and the Airport Bus (Flybussen) demand that you purchase tickets through their own providers, however, so keep track of what company you buy your tickets from! To buy tickets from either of these two, you can visit their webpages or, or download their respective apps.

(Psst! Some argue that the Airport bus’ online ticket system is so terrible to use that it should be avoided altogether. If you run into problems booking your tickets online, and you still want to travel with this company, you can buy your tickets directly from the bus driver at a higher price.)

Or maybe renting a car? 

There is also the option of booking a rental car and picking it up directly from Oslo Airport, as many car rental companies are available nearby. This is usually pretty expensive in Norway, and the price varies depending on your age, your choice of car, and the amount of days you will be spending it. Click here to check out your options. 

What is the best traveling option for me?

Although the train is the fastest and cheapest option when traveling from Gardermoen to Oslo city center, other factors may affect your decision as well. Are you perhaps allergic to animals, or arriving particularly late? Maybe you don’t feel like navigating the city right now, or need to go to your hotel directly? 

Pros and cons – traveling alternatives from Gardermoen

TrainBusTaxiUberRental car
✅ Fastest option✅ Cheap✅ Easily accessible✅ Gets you exactly where you need to go✅ More freedom
✅ Cheap✅ Frequent departures✅ Frequent departures✅ Usually quiet✅ Many different car options to choose from
✅ Frequent departures✅ Easily accessible✅ Usually quiet✅ Different car options to choose from ✅ Sometimes HC-friendly
✅ Easily accessible✅ Usually allergy friendly ✅ Gets you exactly where you need to go✅ Sometimes available at night✅ Usually allergy friendly
✅ Pet friendly ❌ Can be crowded✅ Sometimes HC-friendly ✅ Luxury and green alternatives available❌ Usually not pet friendly
✅ Allergy friendly (separate carts)❌ Slowest option ✅ Usually allergy friendly ✅ Usually allergy friendly❌ Most expensive
✅ Usually HC-friendly ❌ Not always pet friendly✅ Usually available at night ✅ Sometimes HC-friendly.❌ Requires a driver’s license and insurance
❌Can be crowded❌ Not always HC-friendly❌ Expensive❌ Expensive❌ Must be booked in advance
❌ Few departures at night ❌ Few departures at night❌ Usually not pet friendly❌ Requires booking❌ Can usually only be picked up during business hours.

Different options for bus or train

There are also different options within your alternatives, like choosing between the Airport Express or the VY train, the Airport bus or the local buses by Ruter.

Put shortly, the Airport Express train is not all that faster than the VY train (despite the name), but charges over 100 NOK extra for an ordinary ticket. 

But while some claim that the Airport Express train is nothing but an expensive tourist trap, others argue that it offers a quicker, quieter alternative. Most locals prefer traveling with VY, as it is the cheapest alternative, but these trains can sometimes be crowded and lack seating – especially during rush hours. 

The Airport Express Train arriving at Lillestrøm station
The Airport Express Train arriving at Lillestrøm station. Photo by: Trond Strandsberg / CC BY-SA 3.0

When it comes to buses, it’s a bit of the same thing. The Airport bus is usually marginally faster than the local buses from Ruter, but also nearly 100 NOK more expensive per ticket. 

Local transportation in Oslo goes via the company Ruter, and you can choose to buy your tickets for the local routes both directly via Ruter’s app or via VY. If you’re simply looking for an easy ticket from the airport to the city it doesn’t really matter where you choose to buy it – it costs the same, and applies for the same buses from the airport

If you plan to explore the city during your stay, however, I would recommend that you get yourself acquainted with and the RuterBillett-app, as it is better for local transportation, and applies for the subway and the tram as well. 

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  1. If I buy VY Train ticket at Airport Station, do they sell R/T and is that any cheaper than One Way each time? Also, if we book our plan as I have in mind, we will be coming from the airport into the city, stay for 2 days, then back to the airport to fly to Tromso. 6 days later, back at airport, into city for 2 days, then back to airport to return to United Stateds.

    • Hi, John.

      No, they don’t offer cheaper return tickets.

      To get the best prices, book online in advance. The further in advance you book, the cheaper the tickets are. The prices are based on current demand (like airplane tickets are), so they might be significantly cheaper if you book them well in advance.

      It’s also possible to buy flexi tickets that will be usable on different departures, which can be a life saver if your plane gets delayed.

      Best regards


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