How To Get A Gym Membership In Norway

If you’re staying in Norway for an extended time, then you might want to get a gym membership. There are lots of gyms in Norway, even in smaller towns, so most people will have access to a gym pretty close to where they live. But how exactly do you get a gym membership in Norway?

In order to get a gym membership, you will need a D-number or personnummer and a Norwegian bank account. Then you can sign the contract with the gym, where you will typically be locked into paying monthly for a certain time period or until you cancel the contract. You can either sign these contracts on the gym’s website with MinID or BankID, or in person at the gym itself.

In other words, getting a gym membership is pretty easy as long as you have your Norwegian D number or personnummer and a Norwegian bank account. The gym membership will be a legal contract that requires you to pay the agreed upon price, so make sure you are completely sure and read it well before signing it.

There are plenty of gyms all over Norway, even in smaller towns. Photo published with permission.

It’s pretty difficult to find a gym that will allow you to enter a contract if you don’t have a D number or personnummer, as well as a Norwegian bank account. This is because the contract is legally binding, so they need this info to be able to enter into a contract with you.

Most Norwegian gyms have a 12 month plan

Norwegian gyms tend to prefer long-term contracts, and it is common for gyms to have a 12 month plan where you sign a contract agreeing to be a member for at least one year.

There are a few gyms with no lock-in, where you can pay for a single month to get access to the gym for this month. However, keep in mind that these gyms also tend to have contracts that will keep going until you cancel, so you will have to sign a contract even if you only plan on using the gym for a single month.

Some of the gyms that accept members without a lock-in plan for 12 months are:

  • Fresh Fitness.
  • EasyFit. These also accept 1 day members where you pay to enter and use the gym for a single visit.
  • Sky Fitness.
  • EVO Fitness.
  • Probably a few more, local gyms.

Paying to use the gym a single time is pretty rare, but as mentioned above, EasyFit does have this option.

Gym memberships usually cost between 300 and 600 NOK per month, and will vary a lot depending on the services offered by the gym. There are some insanely expensive gyms such as SATS that have prices up to 1200 NOK per month, but these are outliers.

Gyms are popular in Norway. Photo published with permission.

Getting a gym membership when visiting Norway as a tourist

It is very uncommon for gyms in Norway to have single day tickets for sale where you can pay to work out at the gym for a single day, but a few gyms do offer this. However, most gyms will not accept tourists who just want to work out a single time, so it’s a bit difficult to find a decent place to work out when visiting Norway on a vacation.

I would say that your best bet at going to the gym in Norway as a tourist is to get in contact with a local gym and ask them for a personal deal where you agree on a price to let you work out for the time you are staying there. They might not be able to do it, but it’s worth a shot.

Another option is to ask for a trail. Most gyms allow you to get a trail of the gym where you get free access to the gym for a single visit. Just ask the person who works thee if they offer a free trail. Most gyms do, but these are aimed at people who might actually sign a gym membership and not tourists, so you have to decide for yourself if you are okay with this.

Getting a regular gym membership as a tourist is also pretty tricky since you will need a Norwegian bank account to get a gym membership.

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