How To Address a Letter To Norway

Are you planning on sending a letter or a package to a family member, customer or someone else in Norway? They’re going to love getting a package or letter, but firstly you need to figure out how to write the address properly.

It’s important to make sure the address is written correctly for the Norwegian format to guarantee that it ends up in the right post box, so what’s the correct formatting on how to address a letter to Norway?

The correct format to use when addressing a letter to Norway is the following:

Full name
Address + Street Number (and street letter if they have one)
Zip code (4 digits) and municipality name
Norway (Only if you’re shipping internationally).

So for example, an example address on a letter could be something like:

Ola Nordmann
Storgata 10B
0161 Oslo

A post box in Norway
A post box in Norway. Photo published with permission.

And that’s the basic way to address a letter to Norway.

You might come across some variations, such as people who don’t have a street address, but rather only a place name. These are fine, so if they don’t provide a street number, just send it without it.

Most addresses will have a street name and street number, but an additional street letter is somewhat rare still. However, if they do have a street letter, include it directly after the street number.

The zip code + name of municipality is actually very important to write correctly. The reason behind this is that this determines which post office the letter is sent to, so a wrong zip code or a misspelled name of a municipality might lead to the letter ending up in a totally wrong place.

So make sure that you get the correct zip code (also known as post code in Norway) and the name of the municipality. That along with the actual name and address is enough to get the letter to the right place.

There is no need to write the county or region on the letter, because that is not used on Norwegian addresses.

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