Hunderfossen Adventure Park

Hunderfossen Adventure Park is an amusement park located just 15 kilometers away from the incredible town Lillehammer.

You will find over 60 different rides, attractions and roller coasters in Hunderfossen, and it’s an incredible amusement park perfect for the entire family.

The main theme of Hunderfossen is Norwegian folk tales, traditions and myths, so it’s a great place to learn more about Norwegian folk tales and lore, including the works of Asbjørnsen & Moe or characters from the Flåklypa universe.

The Troll at Hunderfossen
The Troll at Hunderfossen. Photo by Joakim Mangen / Hunderfossen Markedsavdeling.

Hunderfossen is one of Norway’s most popular amusement parks, and has over 300,000 visitors each summer.

Some of the most popular attractions at the park are the giant troll that you can walk inside, the full-size fairy tale castle and the Il Tempo Extra Gigante roller coaster.

The fairy tale castle at Hunderfossen
The fairy tale castle at Hunderfossen. Photo published with permission.

What makes Hunderfossen worth a visit

You will definitely want to visit Hunderfossen Adventure Park if you are looking for a full day of family fun just a 2 hour drive from Oslo.

It’s the perfect place to stop if you have children that want to experience a Norwegian amusement park, while also getting to know the classic Norwegian folk tales and more modern characters like the ones from Flåklypa.

The park itself is easily big enough to spend the entire day in, with attractions for both smaller children, bigger children and even adults.

It’s probably not the most exciting place to stop by if you don’t bring children with you, unless you find the Norwegian fairy tales, folk lore and stories very interesting.

Hunderfossen Familiepark. Photo by MikkelMagnus / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Hunderfossen opening season

The primary season for Hunderfossen is from June 1 to the end of August. So like most Norwegian theme parks and zoos, it is mainly open during the busy summer season, and completely shuts down for the rest of the year.

However, there is a short winter season in Hunderfossen tied to a special winter experience in the weekends in February. This special event is called Hunderfossen Winter Park, and offers a completely unique experience in the park.

Most of the rides and attractions are closed during this Hunderfossen Winter Park event, but they make up for it by having special winter events like a snow cathedral, a fairy tale show, snow rafting, snow scooters, and fireworks.

The Ice Cathedral at Hunderfossen Winter Park
The Ice Cathedral at Hunderfossen Winter Park. Photo by Joakim Mangen / Hunderfossen Markedsavdeling.

Prices at Hunderfossen

The price of admission to Hunderfossen is about what you would expect for an amusement park in Norway (in other words, it’s pretty expensive).

In contrast to many other amusement parks, Hunderfossen does not offer ticket prices based on age, but rather based on height.

This has to do with the fact that it is cheaper to enter for children who are too short to ride all the rides in the park, while anyone above 120 cm can.

The ticket prices for admission to Hunderfossen are as follows:

  • Children (Little Trolls, under 120 cm): 435 NOK.
  • Adults (Large Trolls, over 120 cm): 487 NOK.
  • Children under 90 cm: Free admission.

You have to buy children’s tickets if you are between 90 and 120 centimeters, and adult tickets if you are above 1.2 meters tall, no matter if you are an adult or a child.

The admission prices are a bit lower in the low-season, such as early summer before the school holiday has begun, or late autumn.

PS. make sure to check out our guide to saving money at Norwegian amusement parks to make it a bit cheaper!

Il Tempo Extra Gigante at Hunderfossen
Il Tempo Extra Gigante at Hunderfossen. Photo by Joakim Mangen / Hunderfossen Markedsavdeling.

Attractions at Hunderfossen

There are over 60 different attractions at Hunderfossen. We won’t be looking at all of them (but check out the embedded YouTube video below if you want to), but we’re going to take a quick glance at the most well-known ones.

First out, the fairy tale castle (Eventyrslottet) is probably the most well-known attraction at Hunderfossen. The large castle is like something ripped straight out of a Norwegian folk fairy tale, and it’s an impressive sight. You can go inside the castle to experience Norwegian fairy tales, and it’s a great attraction for anyone with even the slightest interest in this topic.

The Fairy Tale Castle at Hunderfossen
The Fairy Tale Castle at Hunderfossen. Photo by Joakim Mangen / Hunderfossen Markedsavdeling.

Next up is the Hunderfossen troll. This incredible statue measures 14 meters, and weights a whooping 70 tonnes! It’s the world’s most photographed troll, and the lore behind it is that it’s a real troll that was turned to stone when he didn’t get back to the mountain halls before the sun came up.

The Troll at Hunderfossen
The Troll at Hunderfossen. Photo published with permission.

The most interesting roller coaster at Hunderfossen is called Il Tempo Extra Gigante, with a top speed of 65 kmph. It’s a pretty great roller coaster, suitable for anyone above 115 cm.

In addition, there are plenty of smaller attractions and rides like the Adventure Ship or the Rafting. Some of these are fun for the entire family, but there are also rides designed for children of all ages and sizes.

Adventure Ship at Hunderfossen
Adventure Ship at Hunderfossen. Photo by Joakim Mangen / Hunderfossen Markedsavdeling.

If you want a closer look at the different rides and attractions at Hunderfossen, check out the YouTube video below for a more detailed view of them.

How to get to Hunderfossen Adventure Park

You want to get to Lillehammer when you’re going to Hunderfossen, and Lillehammer is easily reachable by both bus, car and train from Oslo.

Just follow E6 from Oslo, and you will reach Lillehammer after about 2 hours of driving. If you’re coming from Trondheim, then drive south on E6 for a few hours until you reach the park.

From Lillehammer, drive north for another 20 minutes, and you will see signs telling you when you need to exit E6 to get to Hunderfossen.

It’s extremely easy to find the park when you’re driving on E6, so you won’t really need detailed travel information to be honest. Not only will there be plenty of sings for the park when you get close, but you can actually see the fairy tale castle from a distance when on the road, so you won’t miss it.

There are also frequent buses between Hunderfossen and Lillehammer, so you can easily get to Hunderfossen by bus. These operate very frequently during the main summer season, so you won’t have to wait long for a bus to take you to the park. Expect to pay around 100 NOK per ticket with the bus.

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