Is Kjeragbolten Safe? (All About Safety at Kjeragbolten)

Kjeragbolten is a characteristic rock wedged between two mountainsides, overhanging the majestic Lysefjorden. It’s definitely one of the most popular places to get a photo in the area, but how safe is it really to climb out onto Kjergabolten for a photo op?

There has never been a single fatality or even accident at Kjeragbolten so far (as of July 2023), so it’s considered pretty safe. That said, there’s always a first for things, and the local rescue services fear that someone will eventually fall down trying to climb out.

Kjeragbolten 2
Kjeragbolten. Photo published with permission.

Even though not a single person has slipped down while going out to Kjeragbolten, the reality of the situation is that you’re only a small slip away from falling to your death when you are climbing out to and back from the wedged rock.

The path leading out to the rock is very narrow, and you really have to keep your wits with you when climbing out to it.

Kjeragbolten with a queue
Kjeragbolten with a queue. Photo by Kalev Kevad / CC BY-SA 2.0.

The hike up to Kjeragbolten is also not considered dangerous by any means, as long as you are sure to keep your footing and take care to not hike in bad clothing when it’s raining. It’s possible to book a guide to join your hike to Kjeragbolten if you’re interested in getting some additional help.

Could the wedged rock fall down by itself?

The wedged rock itself is unlikely to fall down.

If this were to happen, it would most likely happen when water in the small cracks of the rock freezes and melts, meaning that it will happen in conditions when it’s around 0 °C. Very few people visit Kjeragbolten when it’s so cold, and if you do, you should be more worried about ice on the rocks that will make you slip than the rock loosening.

That said, geologists assume that the rock is so wedged between the two mountainside that it could take hundreds or thousands of years before it will fall down naturally.

The summer conditions makes it even more unlikely that it will fall down, so you should not worry about this when visiting in the summer.

There has not been any accidents at Kjeragbolten so far

There are estimated to be at least 50,000 visitors to Kjeragbolten every single year, and despite the small path being narrow, no one has yet to fall down.

A fall from Kjeragbolten to the fjord below is just over 950 meters, so falling down would most certainly be fatal. And since it’s such a big tourist attractions, it would be the headlines of all Norwegian newspapers.

Many people believe that Kjeragbolten is a lucky charm that won’t ever let anyone visiting die, but I would still recommend being careful when visiting.

It’s especially important to be careful if you are visiting Kjeragbolten during rain, because the rain will make the stones more slippery than normal. Bring shoes that have traction underneath them.

Kjeragbolten 1
Kjeragbolten. Photo published with permission.

The entire Kjerag area is a bit unsafe

The Kjerag area where Kjeragbolten is located is known to be a bit treacherous, with hidden falls just off the trail. This is not an easy hike where you should let the children run around unsupervised, but rather a challenging hike where you need to stay at the trail the entire time.

There are lots of stories of people who have fallen down smaller falls in the area, breaking bones or injuring themselves. Luckily no one has died hiking there, but there is certainly a risk that you will fall and break a leg when hiking in the area if you don’t pay close attention to the trail.

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