KFC In Norway: Why There’s No KFC In Norways

Kentucky Fried Chicken, usually just referred to as KFC, is one of the world’s biggest fast food franchises. Despite being in over 145 countries around the world, KFC has yet to make an appearance in Norway.

So whats the reason behind the lack of KFC in Norway?

According to KFC, they don’t want to get etablished in Norway due to the small potential consumer base, along with the fact that the operating costs are expected to be high.

And that makes a lot of sense; Norway has a high cost of operations for companies due to high wages to employees and somewhat high corporate taxes, while the population in most of Norway’s cities are somewhat low.

Another reason is that it’s difficult and expensive to import chicken to Norway. While Norway’s animal rights are far from ideal, they are better than in many parts of the world, with regulations to the use of antibiotics and other medicine.

This means that KFC or other franchises who want sell chicken either need to import premium chicken that adheres to Norwegian regulations, or buy chickens from Norway. This is clearly much more expensive than it is in many other countries, reducing the potential profits to be gained from Norway.

Will KFC ever come to Norway?

With the current regulations, it seems unlikely that KFC will want to get established in Norway anytime soon. I’m sure they keep checking their numbers every once in a while, and are ready to give it a go if they feel like it’s a safe bet to invest in getting established in Norway.

I know that many Norwegians are upset that we don’t have KFC here, but I don’t think it will change anytime soon.

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