How To Read News About Norway In English

If you’re moving to Norway, or just want to learn more about what life in Norway is like, then reading up on local newspapers can be a good idea. In contrast to many countries, Norway does not have a newspaper that publish news in English, but there are online options that can be pretty good for catching up on Norwegian news.

None of the national newspapers or media outlets produce Norwegian news in English, so your only option is to read news from a different source. The two big English news providers are The Local and News In English.

Neither of these are connected with any established Norwegian newspapers, but The Local is part of a bigger media concern that produces national news in English from several countries.

Let’s take a closer look at these two news sites, and what type of Norwegian news you can expect from them.

The Local

The Local is a type of European news agency that provides news from most countries all over Europe, but has set up unique websites for each country, including one for Norway.

They publish a lot of news from Norway, but their design makes it a bit difficult to find some of the content easily. You can access a few articles for free, but you need a subscription to access most of the content. This cost 349 NOK ($38 USD) for a year.

If you feel like paying for a subscription to learn more about news in Norway, then that’s fine. If not, check out the two options below.

News in English is the third and final English news website for Norwegian news, and seem to focus a lot on Norwegian news in an international setting. The design is nice and clean, and the content is pretty chunky.

The downside is that they post a bit less content than the other two, so only the biggest news are represented. The website used to have a paywall to access most of the content, but this has since been removed in favor of ads.

It seems like News in English is ran by a few individuals on a voluntary basis.

Norway Today: Used to be a good source for Norway news

Norway Today used to be one of the biggest newspapers about Norway in English, but they seem to have shut down in late 2022.

I have no idea why they shut down, and has not even made an announcement on their website or Facebook page. The entire website is just gone from the surface of the internet, and it currently seem unlikely that it will pop up again.

Other sources for news about Norway in English

In addition to websites that focuses solely on news, there are plenty of other options for catching up on your Norwegian news. We often post news about Norway here on The Norway Guide, and you can access the news directly from this link.

We tend to pretty much only cover the big events since this website is more about travelling to Norway and Norwegian culture in general, and not really about news. So we won’t cover how Norway responds to international events or things like that, but we will cover things that will be useful to know if you are interested in ever visiting or moving to Norway.

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