Oslo Plans To Ban All Non-Electric Cars From 2025!

There are many different plans to reduce carbon emission in Norway, such as no tax on electric vehicles or a stop to non-electric cruise ships in the fjords. A brand new idea that might actually make it into reality is a proposed total ban to all non-electric vehicles in Oslo city.

The proposal takes place within Oslo’s “Ring 2”, which is basically the main city center. If the proposal passes, heavy vehicles could be banned as soon as 2025, with regular vehicles slated for a total ban in 2027.

Cyclist in Oslo
Oslo. Photo published with permission.

Oslo has been the leading city in Norway when it comes to reducing its carbon emission, and take this task very seriously. Many of the proposals and changes within Oslo have faced public backlash, and many people fear that Oslo is “taking it too far” with their changes.

That does not stop the Oslo city counsel though, and they were the only city in Norway to achieve the goal of not increasing the emissions from 2021 to 2022.

Their newest proposal could severely affect the lives of residents in the city, by essentially only allowing those that own an electric vehicle to drive in the city.

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Valkyriegata in Oslo
Valkyriegata in Oslo. Photo published with permission.

Waiting on the government to legally allow Oslo to implement the zero-emission zone

The only thing that is currently holding Oslo back from actually implementing the proposal is the state government. They are currently working on plans that will make it legal for municipalities to implement “zero-emission zones” within their municipality.

But as with all things political, it takes time to get this done, so for now Oslo is waiting on the government before they can actually make the proposal a reality. And it’s not a guarantee that the government will actually implement the change, seeing as it will have a big impact on many people.

There is even a discussion regarding whether or not it’s even legal for the politicians to implement a ban like this.

Bergen is also waiting on implementing a zero-emission zone within its city center, but the have not made any official announcements as to when and exactly where the zone will be. And just like Oslo, they will need for the government to make it possible first.

H&M at Karl Johan in Oslo
Karl Johan in Oslo. Photo by Jorge Láscar / CC BY 2.0.

Certain groups are proposed to get exempts from the ban

Banning all non-electric vehicles from the city center is Oslo might sound like an extreme measure to some, and to ease the change a bit, the city counsel has proposed to also make a few exceptions to the ban:

  • All residents within the “Ring 2” zero-emission zone will have an exception until 2032.
  • Emergency service vehicles (like police cars, ambulances and fire trucks) will are exempt.
  • People with legal disability cards for their vehicle (HC card) are exempt.
A Norwegian police car
You will still see non-electric police cars and emergency vehicles in Oslo. Photo by Dickelbers / CC BY-SA 4.0.

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