See The Real-Time Electricity Prices in Norway (For Free)

Norway has traditionally had very cheap electricity where you could use almost as much electricity as you wanted without fearing the bill. But that has all changed after Norway’s electricity export lines skyrocketed the electricity prices back in 2021, and they are now far higher than ever before.

This has lead to Norwegians needing to stay updated on the current electricity prices, but what’s the best place to see the real-time electricity prices in Norway?

One of the best services to see the electricity prices on a hourly basis is VG’s “Strømprisen” service. This gives you the hourly electricity prices including VAT, meaning it’s very close to what you will actually pay for using it.

You need to start typing in the name of your municipality to find the actual prices where you live (it defaults to Oslo otherwise). This is necessary since the electricity prices differs between different regions in Norway.

The electricity price tracker at VG’s website also includes Strømstøtte, the governmental grant to combat high electricity prices.

Electricity grid
Electricity grid. Photo published with permission.

Other options for checking the real-time electricity prices

There are many other websites that allows you to check the current electricity prices, but they all share the same source for their data, so it does not really matter which one you use.

Anyway, here are some other options:

Do you pay the exact sum that is shown at the real-time electricity prices in Norway?

The services above lists the price for how much it costs for electrical companies to buy electricity. What you actually pay depends entirely on your contract with the electricity company.

Many people opt to pay spot price, which is the same as the ones the electrical company pay (+ a small fee of course), while others prefer other agreements that give a more stable electricity price.

But for anyone with a spot price agreement with the electricity company will pay the same as the number shown on the services above, so it’s a nice tool for finding out when to use and when not to use electricity.

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