Travel Tip: Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne (Steinfoss Log Flume)

Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne, also known as Tømmerrenna i Vennesla is a trail where you can walk along the old log flume for 4 kilometres in beautiful, Norwegian nature. This log flume used to be vital to getting the timber to the nearby power station, but has since been popular as a family hiking trail.

You can find Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne in Vennesla municipality in South-Norway. The trail is only 4 km each way, so you can go the entire log flume and back again in around 1.5 to 2 hours. It’s a nice little trip for families who want a hike trail without spending the entire day doing it.

The log flume was used between 1957 and 1981, but it wan’t until the middle of the 2010s that people started to use it as a hiking trail. It got super popular after people showcased it on Instagram, and it’s now one of the most popular trails in Southern Norway.

Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne
Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne. Photo by John Christian Fjell / CC BY 3.0.

Walking along the old log flumes

You will come across plenty of beautiful nature along the way, including suspension bridges, rivers, waterfalls, a tunnel, Norwegian forest and eventually also the old, historic power station.

Walking on the log flume can be a bit different from walking on regular pathways, but most people shouldn’t really have much trouble with the trail. You don’t need any particular gear or equipment, but the wooden planks might be a bit painful for your ankles or knees if you don’t bring decent shoes. I would recommend sneakers with some cushioning.

You will come across many info signs along the trail with lots of information and history from the area, so it’s a fun hike for anyone that wants to learn a bit about how people used to live and work in this area in the past.

Bring your kids

One of the cool things about this trail is that it’s very flat and evenly paced, so it’s a great chance to bring the kids for a trail hike. Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne has become very popular for families with children in the last 10 years, and you will see plenty of families out on their Sunday hikes here.

Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne
Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne. Photo by Ankomster / CC BY-SA 4.0.

The trail is very easy to follow since you are walking along the log flume all the way, so you can’t really get lost no matter how hard you try.

Most of the log flume is in very good shape, but there are some holes during the last kilometre of the trail. These are pretty easy to avoid, but it makes it a bit more difficult to traverse the final part of the hike. The photo above show what the holes on the log flume is like.

If you want a longer hike, follow many of the branched trails. There are a few different opportunities to exit the log flume to jump onto another trail. All of these end up back at the log flume again, so try any of these if you want a longer hike.

There will be signs that tell you how long each of these branched trails are, so you can choose one that fits your preferred length. Some of these trails leads to places with a great view!

Getting to Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne

It’s pretty easy to get to Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne as long as you drive a car. Drive on E18 until you get to Kristiansand. From Kristiansand city center, follow Torridalsveien and Rv405 north until you get to Vennesla. Keep on Fv405 until you get to Kringsjåvegen where you will begin to see signs towards Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne.

The travel time from Vennesla is just 8 minutes, and it’s pretty easy to follow the signs, so don’t worry about getting there.

There is a big parking spot just before the start of the Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne trail, but it can be full on weekends unless you arrive early. There’s usually plenty of free parking spots during the weekdays. The parking is free of charge.

It’s not really possible to get to Steinsfoss Tømmerrenne with public transport, so you will need a car for this trail. The only other option is to ride a taxi from Vennesla city center, which would cost around 200 – 300 NOK each way.

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