How To Store Luggage In Oslo (6 Different Viable Options!)

Oslo is an incredible city to explore, filled to the brim with exceptional architecture, interesting museums and probably the best shopping options in all of Norway. There’s a thousand reasons to visit Oslo, but let me tell you, you don’t want to keep that heavy backpack with you during your stay.

If you’re coming to Oslo for a day or two, you should consider finding a place to store your luggage to let you travel freely without worrying about bringing it along with you.

But where exactly can you store luggage in Oslo?

In contrast to many big cities, there are actually very few places to store luggage in Oslo. But there are 6 different viable options, so let’s look closer at the best places to store luggage in Oslo!

Oslo tram
A tram in Oslo. Photo published with permission.

Option 1) Store luggage in Oslo at Oslo S

If you arrive in Oslo by train, then your stop is most likely going to be Oslo Central Station, known locally as Oslo S. This is the biggest transportation hub in the city, so it should not come as a surprise that it has a locker system where you can store your luggage while visiting Oslo.

This is by far the most common option when travelers are searching for a place to store luggage in Oslo, and it’s a fairly cheap and good solution to the problem.

The building has a designated spot for locker boxes, so just follow the sings when you are inside the main building. There are plenty of different lockers, so it is highly unlikely to find them all occupied.

Oslo S is open from around 3 AM to around 1 AM (so it’s only closed a few hours every night), so it should be possible to pick up your luggage at most times. It’s also the starting point of most people’s journey in Oslo, and lies just at the start of Karl Johans gate (the main street in Oslo), and a few minutes away from Oslo Opera House and MUNCH Museum.

Price to store luggage at Oslo S: 60 – 90 NOK per 24 hour period. Price depends on the size of the luggage box.

Max time: 7 days. Can be extended by other 7 days if you contact the staff in advance.

Østbanehallen at Oslo Sentralbanestasjon
Oslo Sentralbanestasjon (Oslo S). Photo by John Erling Blad / CC BY-SA 2.5.

Option 2) Oslo Bus Terminal

As you can guess from the name, Oslo Bus Terminal is likely going to be your first stop if you arrive in Oslo by bus. It’s the main bus stop in the city, used for both arriving and leaving Oslo, and well as for travelling by bus around the city.

There is a room with luggage lockers that you can rent at Oslo Bus Terminal, but there are fewer here compared to over at Oslo S (which is only a few minutes away).

It’s a nice option if you arrive by bus, but most travelers opt for storing their luggage at Oslo S instead due to the opening hours being much longer at Oslo S. Oslo S is also considered to have easier access from the rest of Oslo, but it’s not that far to walk to Oslo Bus Terminal, so both options are just fine in my opinion.

Price to store luggage at Oslo Bus Terminal: 70 NOK per 24 hours for the smallest unit.

Max time: 3 days.

Oslo Buss Terminal
Oslo Buss Terminal. Photo by Bjoertvedt / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Option 3) Ask your hotel to store your luggage

One of the main reasons to store your luggage in Oslo is because travelers don’t want to carry around bags or suitcases for several hours before they can check in to their hotel.

However, most hotels offer free luggage storage for their guests, so you should absolutely stop by and ask if you arrive early in the morning and need to wait a few hours before you can check in.

This allows you to put your luggage in a secure location at the hotel, then go and explore Oslo while you wait for your hotel room to be ready for check-in.

Some travelers have reported making agreements with hotels to use their luggage storage without being a guest at the hotel, so you could ask for that. But in these cases, be prepared to pay a fee for using the service.

Price to store luggage at a hotel you are staying in: Usually free of charge as long as you are a guest at the hotel.

The Radisson Blu hotel will store luggage in Oslo for its clients
Radisson Blu Oslo offer luggage storage to their guests. Photo published with permission.

Option 4) Store luggage at Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the biggest airport in all of Norway, and lies about 40 minutes north of Oslo. It will be the airport used by most tourists, and a short visit to Oslo city while staying at Gardermoen for a layover is a popular thing to do.

In these cases, you might want to check out the luggage lockers at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. These are available at the main hall at Gardermoen, and let you store your luggage in one of the lockers for a certain time period.

Luggage lockers at Gardermoen are fine, but they are more expensive than other places in Oslo. So if I would advise against it for most people, unless you just want to get rid of your luggage for a while and don’t care too much about the costs.

However, if you are staying in Oslo for a couple of days, I would usually suggest using the lockers at Oslo S or Oslo Buss Terminal Instead to store luggage in Oslo. This is especially useful if you might need to pick something up from the luggage in the time period, since it’s a bit of a train ride between Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Oslo city center.

Price to store luggage at Oslo Airport Gardermoen: 90 – 200 NOK per 24 hours.

Max time: 7 days.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen
Inside Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Photo by Cccc3333 / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Option 5) Store luggage at Port of Oslo

You can store your luggage at the terminals in Port of Oslo if you arrive by ship, which can be a great option for those of you who are coming to experience Oslo for a single day before returning.

Both DFDS and Color Line offers boxes where you can store your luggage in Oslo, but they are both for cruise passengers only. So you can choose to store your luggage at the Color Line terminal or DFDS terminal if you arrive by these cruise ship.s

They are also only intended for short term storage, and from what I understood, both of them have a 24 hour limit to how long you can store your luggage there.

In other words, they are primarily intended for 1 day cruise tourists, or people who arrive early in the morning and want to explore Oslo before boarding the cruise ship .

It’s also worth mentioning that you cannot access the luggage storage boxes in these port terminals outside of operating hours, so they will be unavailable after the cruise ships leave for the day (usually around 16.00 or 17.00).

I would not recommend this method of storing your luggage in Oslo unless you arrive by ship, but it might be a good option if you are coming and going by ship anyway and want to store your luggage for the day.

Price to store luggage at DFDS’s terminal at Port of Oslo: 60 NOK per 24 hours.

Price to store luggage at Color Line’s terminal at Port of Oslo: 80 NOK for 24 hours.

Max time: 24 hours.

A cruise ship at Port of Oslo
A cruise ship at Port of Oslo with Akershus Castle in the background. Photo published with permission.

Option 6) Store luggage at museums and the places you’re visiting

Many museums and public places offer short-term luggage storage for their guests, allowing you to store your luggage near the entrance while you are enjoying the exhibition.

For instance, there are lockers available at the lobby in the MUNCH Museum, allowing you to store your backpack, trolley case or suitcase there for a few hours while you enjoy the museum.

MUNCH Museum
MUNCH Museum. Photo published with permission.

Price: Usually free.

Max time: A few hours, while you use the facilities.

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