How To Store Luggage In Tromsø (5 Viable Options)

Tromsø is one of Norway’s most beautiful cities, and it attractions thousands of tourists every year. Some just spend the day in Tromsø before heading off towards Lofoten, Senja or other natural attractions, while others spend multiple days in Tromsø.

But if you’re just visiting Tromsø for a short time, you’re definitely going to want to have somewhere to keep your luggage so you won’t have to drag it along. So, where are the best places to store luggage in Tromsø?

There are two luggage locker locations in Tromsø, at Jekta Storcenter (a shopping mall) and at Tromsø Havn Prostneset. In addition, you can store your luggage at Tromsø Airport, at the visitor center or at a hotel.

Let’s take a closer look at the different options for storing your luggage in Tromsø.

Option 1) Storage lockers at Jekta Storsenter

Jekta Storsenter is a huge shopping mall in Tromsø, and they have storage lockers where you can rent them on a hourly basis. It’s great for those of you who are just spending a few hours in Tromsø, and don’t want to bring your luggage along with you.

The shopping mall is a bit outside of the main city, so it’s a bit of a hassle to get to.

Option 2) Storage lockers at Tromsø Habor

Tromsø Havn Prostneset (Tromsø Habor) offer different sized storage lockers, and this option is by far the most popular choice by tourists who are visiting Tromsø.

The lockers are readily available by the harbor, and are fairly cheap. Prostneset also acts as the main hub for the local ferries and buses, so it’s a convenient place to store your luggage.

Small storage boxes for backpacks and small luggage are 80 NOK per 24 hours, while the big storage boxes who can fit suitcases are 100 NOK per 24 hours.

You can only store the luggage for 7 days at a time.

Prostneset is open from 06.00 to 01.30, so you cannot fetch your luggage in the 4 and a half hour where it’s closed in the night.

Option 3) Luggage storage at Tromsø Airport

It’s possible to store your luggage at Tromsø airport, which is convenient if you are arriving and leaving Tromsø by plane.

The luggage storage is found close to the main entrance to the airport, right next to where you check in special luggage. There’s a small doorbell that you need to ring to get in touch with the luggage storage service.

The price for storing lugging at Tromsø airport is 60 NOK per item per 24 hours.

This is a manual luggage storage service, and not lockers like the options above. However, it’s a pretty good option if you are going to be leaving from the airport.

PS. The luggage lockers at Tromsø Airport are temporarily unavailable between March 12 and December 28, 2023 due to renovations.

Tromsø at night
Tromsø at night. Photo published with permission.

Option 4) Store luggage in Tromsø at a hotel

Many hotels in Tromsø offer to keep your luggage for a while, but these services are generally not publicly announced. The hotels will prefer to store the luggage for guests, so it’s generally not a problem to ask to store your luggage at the hotel if you arrive early in the morning and need to wait multiple hours before you can check in to your room.

But there are also people who have told me that they have been able to pay a small fee at a randomly chosen hotel to store their luggage, without having booked a room with the hotel.

So you can try asking the hotels in the area if they offer luggage storage, and you might be able to keep your luggage there for the day.

Tromsø. Photo published with permission.

Option 5) Store luggage at Visit Tromsø (Tromsø Visitor Center)

Visit Tromsø is a visitor center that helps tourists in Tromsø. They don’t officially offer a luggage storeage service, but they’ve told the local newspaper that they do allow guests to keep suitcases in their visitor center in cases of emergencies.

You can find Visit Tromsø at the second floor at Prostneset.

I would only consider this option if I didn’t have any other options, so please don’t do this if you can access any of the storage lockers.

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