Storing Your Luggage In Kristiansand: 3 Great Options

Kristiansand is an incredible city on the very southern tip of Norway, and it’s without a doubt an amazing place to explore if you’re visiting Norway in the summer. It’s filled with small, cozy streets and an awesome harbor, and is the home to Norway’s largest zoo.

If you’re visiting Kristansand for the day, you definitely want to find a place to store your luggage so you can freely explore without dragging a suitcase with you. So what are the best options for storing your luggage in Kristiansand?

There are only a few options for storing your luggage in Kristiansand, and the best option is to use the storage lockers at Kristiansand Stasjon (the main bus and train station).

Bigger cities tend to have multiple storage options, but Kristiansand lacks some of the options seen in the bigger cities. However, there are some other potential options you can check out, so read below for more details!

Kristiansand. Photo published with permission.

Option 1) Storage lockers at Kristiansand Stasjon

The by far best option when looking for a place to store your luggage in Kristiansand is to use the storage lockers at Kristiansand Stasjon. This is the train and bus station in the city, so it’s conveniently located in the middle of the city center.

The storage boxes allow you to store your luggage for up to 7 days at a time, and you pay in 24 hour increments. This is a great way to get your suitcase or large backpack out of the way if you want to freely explore this southern gem of a city.

The price is roughly 100 NOK per 24 hours, so it’s a bit expensive if you want to keep your luggage there for multiple days.

Option 2) Small storage boxes at Kristiansand Airport

Kristiansand Airport Kjevik is located roughly 15 kilometers from the city center, and they have a few small storage boxes for rent.

These are the size that makes them more suited for storing your keys or cell phone, not your suitcase, so they are far from perfect if you’re looking to store bigger items.

It’s obviously a bit of a hassle to get between the main city and the airport as well, so I would not really recommend going to Kjevik to store your luggage.

Kristiansand airport
Kristiansand airport. Photo by Carsten R D / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Option 3) Ask a hotel to store your luggage

If you’re staying at a hotel in Kristiansand and arriving early, you can ask them to kindly store your luggage while you explore the city. Most hotels will do this if you have a room booked for later in the day, and will make sure your luggage is safe until you’re ready to check in.

Some hotels even allow non-guests to store their luggage for a small fee. None of the hotels in Kristiansand publicly say that they offer this, but you can give them a call or stop by to ask them, and you might get lucky.

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