What Convoy Driving / Kolonnekjøring Is Like (All About Driving In A Convoy)

Norwegian mountain road

Norway’s extreme weather makes for bad driving conditions in the winter, especially up in the mountains. You will have to cross a mountain pass like Hardangervidda if you are traveling between the west and east of Norway, and these passes are often incredibly challenging to pass during the peak of winter. If you’re passing over … Read more

Not Paying For Speeding Tickets In Norway: What Happens When You Don’t Pay

Driving on Arnøya

Speeding tickets are incredibly expensive in Norway, and breaking the speed limit with 11 km/h on a road with 60 km/h speed limit will set you back 4,150 NOK in 2022! Many foreigners find these speeding tickets to be pretty rough, but that’s what it’s like in Norway. Some people simply refuse to pay their … Read more