Norway Abolishes Free University Education For People Outside Of EU/EEA

Norway has had a long tradition of offering free university education to people from all over the world, no matter which country you came from. They did not discriminate between foreigners, Norwegian citizens or EU-citizens, but this is all changing next year. Starting in 2023, all universities must collect student tuition for all students outside … Read more

The 6 Cheapest Cities For International Students In Norway In 2022

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences campus in Førde

Many students dream of moving to Norway for a semester (or more) as an international student, and get a feel for Norwegian culture, nature and education all at the same time. The only problem is just that Norway is incredible expensive, especially for non-working international students! So, are there any cities in Norway that are … Read more

The Norwegian Government Want To Implement Tuition Fees At Universities For Foreign Students

The main building of NTNU

It’s well-known that university degrees in Norway are tuition-free for both Norwegian and foreign students, and anyone can apply to get a university education for free if they attend the university. You have to pay a small semester fee (costs around 600 NOK / $60 USD), but there are generally no tuition fees at universities … Read more

Are University Degrees Free In Norway? (Updated With New 2023 Information!)

Domus media

Getting a university degree can be very costly in certain parts of the world, with tuition that can cost several thousand dollars per year. You might have heard of the rumor about the free university in Norway, but are really university degrees free in Norway? University degrees in Norway were almost completely free until 2023, … Read more