Norway’s National Dish Explained

Homemade fårikål, Norway's national dish

Norway is home to many unique dishes, and many of them are clearly affected by a region with little access to species and different types of meat. Some of the Norwegian dishes include Norwegian meatballs, sodd, lapskaus, and Christmas food like pinnekjøtt and ribbe (pork ribs). But which dish is considered Norway’s national dish, and … Read more

Norway Ranked As The World’s Worst Cuisine By TasteAtlas

A plate with pinnekjøtt, rutabaga purée (kålrotstappe) and potatoes. Photo by

TasteAtlas has recently published their “World’s Best Cuisine” awards for 2022, and has scored Norwegian cuisine to be the worst ranked national cuisine of all the 95 participating countries! The rank was made on the basis of user feedback, user ratings, professional food blogger’s and critiques feedback, and scores from a wide selection of dishes … Read more

Norwegian Taco Friday Explained (Why Norwegians Love Taco!)


If you’re going to be guessing what a random Norwegian family has for dinner on Friday night, the most likely answer is taco! We Norwegians love our Friday taco, called fredagstaco in Norwegian. This cultural phenomenon has garnered nationwide popularity, and practically everyone eats tacos on Fridays in Norway. So, what’s eating the Norwegain Friday … Read more