Norwegian Government Reduces Preschool Max Price to 2,000 NOK ($200) Monthly

Bjerkeveien kindergarten

Norway has been known to have some of the world’s most affordable preschool prices already, but the Norwegian government just announced a reduced max price to make Norwegian kindergartens even cheaper. The Norwegian government has just announced that the max price cap for preschool / kindergarten is set at 2,000 NOK (roughly $200 USD) per … Read more

Cost For Kindergarten / Preschool In Norway Explained (2022 Numbers)

Dal kindergarten

There are plenty of countries in the world where kindergarten can cost a huge amount of money, and severely impact the economy of the parents. But what is the cost of kindergarten in Norway like? Some might guess that kindergarten is very expensive in Norway (like most things), but they would actually be completely wrong. … Read more

How To Apply For Kindergarten / Preschool In Norway (Detailed Guide)

Bjerkeveien kindergarten

If you are moving to Norway with a young child, then you will probably want a spot in a kindergarten. This is voluntary, but most Norwegian children attend kindergarten before they start school. This is partly because it is common for both parents to work, but also to let the child learn social skills and … Read more