How To Get To The Trolltunga Hike Trail (Skjeggedal & Multiple Other Options)


Trolltunga is one of the most popular hiking trails in all of Norway, and there are thousands of tourists who travel to this rather difficult hike every summer. The hike trail starts at a place called Skjeggedal, about 5 kilometres away from the town Odda. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get … Read more

Travel Tip: Buarbreen Glacier


Buarbreen is a glacier offshoot from Folgefonna glacier, and it’s a popular tourist attraction for anyone who want to see a real glacier when visiting Norway. The great thing about Buarbreen is that it’s just a few kilometres away from the town called Odda, so it’s easy to get to by public transport. The hike … Read more

Fjords Near Oslo: How To Get From Oslo To The Norwegian Fjords


Norway is well-known for its idyllic fjords that are surrounded by majestic mountains, making quite a dramatic and beautiful landscape. While some people assume that these fjords are all over Norway, the reality is that most of these are found in the western part of Norway. Seeing one of these fjords for yourself when visiting … Read more