Top 8 Alternatives To Lofoten Islands

A beach at Engeløya with the mountain "Profile of Napeleon" in the background

It’s easy to be captivated be the sheer beauty of the Lofoten Islands, and it’s no wonder that this is Norway’s most popular tourist destination during the summer months. That said, the number of tourists also make for a crowded and busy visit. You won’t ever feel alone on Lofoten in the summer, no matter … Read more

Amazing Puffin Safari: How To See Puffins In Norway In 2023

A group of puffins

Arctic puffins (Fratercula arctica) are one of the most characteristic sea birds in Norway, and seeing these birds in their natural habitat makes for a great nature experience. Many people mistake the puffins for penguins, but they are in fact not. You can see breeding nests for puffins all along the coast of Norway, but … Read more

Best Time For Whale Safari In Norway (Whale Watching Season)

A humpback whale in Norway

Going on a whale safari when visiting northern Norway is one of the most amazing things you can do, and if you visit during the whale watching season, you are pretty much guaranteed to see a whale. Most whale watching safaris take you out to the sea in a big ferry with certified guides that … Read more

How To Get From Harstad/Narvik Evenes Airport To Harstad, Narvik, Lofoten and Vesterålen

Harstad/Narvik airport

The Harstad/Narvik airport is a rather large airport that is located somewhere in the middle of both Harstad and Narvik. It’s used for people who want to travel to places like Vesterålen or the Lofoten islands, and serves over 750,000 passengers yearly. Harstad/Narvik Airport is the official name for it, but it’s often referred to … Read more