Amazing Puffin Safari: How To See Puffins In Norway In 2023

A group of puffins

Arctic puffins (Fratercula arctica) are one of the most characteristic sea birds in Norway, and seeing these birds in their natural habitat makes for a great nature experience. Many people mistake the puffins for penguins, but they are in fact not. You can see breeding nests for puffins all along the coast of Norway, but … Read more

Norway’s National Bird: The White-throated Dipper

White-throated Dipper

Most countries in the world has chosen a national bird; a single species of bird that is representing the entire country. Norway is no different, and we chose our national bird already in 1963 when the national TV broadcaster (NRK) had a huge public vote for it. Norway’s national bird is the white-throated dipper, called … Read more

Dangerous Animals In Norway (A Complete Guide To Norway’s Wildlife)

Brown bear

Whenever you travel to someplace new, you will want to learn about potentially dangerous animals and wildlife where you are going, and this should also be the case when you plan on visiting Norway. There are generally very few dangerous animals in Norway, but there are some that could potentially could some harm to you. … Read more