The Norwegian Government Want To Implement Tuition Fees At Universities For Foreign Students

It’s well-known that university degrees in Norway are tuition-free for both Norwegian and foreign students, and anyone can apply to get a university education for free if they attend the university. You have to pay a small semester fee (costs around 600 NOK / $60 USD), but there are generally no tuition fees at universities in Norway.

This has been a great method for students to experience Norway and get education at the same time, but it now seems like the Norwegian government want to implement tuition fees for foreign students.

The source for this claim is NRK, the national broadcast and news organization in Norway. They claim to have good sources to know that this change will be introduced in the next yearly national budget.

The main building of NTNU
The main building of NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim. Photo by Eirik Refsdal / CC BY 2.0.

Who will have to pay the tuition fees?

According to NRK’s sources, the new tuition fees will only apply to foreign students who applies to Norwegian universities by themselves.

This means that there will still be no tuition fees for Norwegians or international exchange students (who are officially registered at another university).

The main entrance to University of South-Eastern Norway at campus Bø. Bø is one of the cheapest cities for international students in Norway.
The main entrance to University of South-Eastern Norway at campus Bø. Photo by Nicklas Iversen / The Norway

How much will the tuition fees at Norwegian universities cost?

No one knows exactly how much the new tuition fees will be, but the Norwegian government apparently has plans to announce this in the upcoming national budget for 2023 that they will announce on October 6.

Domus media
Domus media is part of Universitetet i Oslo. Photo by Ryan Hodnett / CC BY-SA 4.0.

So right now we can’t really know if we’re talking about a few thousand Norwegian kroner per semester, or if they plan on making the students cover 100 % of the cost. This could potentially lead to it being very, very expensive, and on-par with universities in the United States.

Students and the universities themselves are against the change

The national student organization union Norsk Studentorganisasjon (NSO) are strongly against the new proposed change, and believe that university degrees should still be free or change, independently of your nationality.

Several universities have also let their voice be heard, and have spoken up against the proposal.

Many people fear that this will reduce the level of cultural impact at the universities, and only make the universities available to people from rich countries or from rich families.

The universities obviously want the best students, so they fear that they will get less qualified students with this change.

The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences campus in Førde
The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences campus in Førde. Photo by: Evolelov / CC BY-SA 4.0.

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