Trollstigen Is Closing Down Until 2025

Trollstigen is known as one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions, with over 1.1 million visitors yearly. People come from all over the world to experience the amazing scenery driving up or down the 19 hairpin bends along the incredible mountains surrounding the road.

However, an increasing number of rocks falling down from the mountain towards the road has lead the municipality to close the entire road for the entire 2024 season, possibly longer if needed.

This leaves thousands of tourists disappointed since they are entirely unable to experience one of Norway’s most beautiful roads. The official statement is that the road is definitely closed for all of 2024, but they are unsure if they are going to be able to fix the issues before next year’s season, making it possible that Trollstigen could be closed for multiple years.

Trollstigen. Photo published with permission.

Geologists fear that it would only be a matter of time before someone got seriously injured or even died from falling rocks if they left the road open for the season, so the decision to close Trollstigen was based on health risks. Rockfall has been an issue in all of Trollstigen’s history, but it has become much worse the last year. The last 10 days before the closure had a total of 6 different rockfalls.

Trollstigen is typically open from the middle of May until the middle of November each year, and opens and closes depending on snowfall.

Trollstigen traffic jam
Trollstigen traffic jam. Photo by Sundgot / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Trollstigen’s tourism industry could be left in shambles

The local tourism industry is left devestated, fearing a huge loss from fewer tourists arriving at the nearby villages and towns. They are left afraid for their jobs, and fear that the road might not be ready in time to open for the next season in 2025.

For instance, the company behind Trollstigen’s Visitor Center and café has 60 seasonal employees where many of them might be left without a job for the rest of the season due to the road’s closure.

Trollstigen aerial view
Trollstigen aerial view. Photo published with permission.

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