World’s Biggest Aircraft Carrier “USS Gerald R. Ford” Docks in Oslo, Norway

The world’s biggest aircraft carrier ship “USS Gerald R. Ford” made an official docking in Oslo, Norway on May 25, 2023. This marks the first visit of such a large US military vessel to dock in Norway, believed to be a show of force towards an ever aggressive Russia.

Thousands of spectators gathered along the Oslo fjord to witness the incredible 333 meter long and 76 meter high aircraft carrier arrive on Wednesday. The docking was fairly uneventful, but a couple of civilian boats were escorted away by the Norwegian navy because they got too close to the aircraft carrier.

USS Gerald R. Ford in the Oslo fjord.
USS Gerald R. Ford in the Oslo fjord. Photo by Jonas Tisell / CC BY 4.0.

4,500 US sailors will be staying in Oslo

Oslo pub owners are no doubt happy that the entire crew of 4,500 US sailors are expected to get days off from the ship. It’s reported that this will be the first disembarkation in several months for some sailors, so local business owners in the area are delighted to welcome them with open arms.

Oslo is currently having incredibly nice weather, so we’re sure that the sailors will have a great time enjoying a cold beer in the sun. Unless Norway’s high beer prices scare them, that is.

And if it does, Oslo has lots of things to offer, such as things like the newly opened MUNCH museum, a trendy downtown area with different cultural experiences, proximity to many different hiking trials, and of course a bustling nightlife scene.

Karl Johans gate
Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Photo published with permission.

“USS Gerald R. Ford” will be docked in Oslo for a total of 4 days before departing. It has been announced to travel along the Norwegian shoreline in the coming weeks, but no details of the trip is yet announced. It is also not publicly known for how long the aircraft carrier is expected to stay in Norway before leaving for another country.

However, the aircraft carrier is likely to make an appearance at other Norwegian ports in the coming weeks.

“USS Gerald R. Ford” will partake in NATO training operations

The reason for “USS Gerald R. Ford” to visit Norway in the first place is to partake in joint training exercises with Norwegian and other NATO military groups. Norway was a founding member of NATO alongside the US back in 1949.

NATO countries are increasingly focusing on training operations in Norway due to the country’s direct border with Russia.

Some claims the arrival of the aircraft carrier is just a show of force, while others even believe it to be a provocation against Russia. The Russian embassy has condemned the arrival of the aircraft carrier.

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    The military personnel onboard the USS Gerald Ford are sailors. Soldiers are in the US Army and Marines are in the US Marine Corps.

    • There are also Naval Aviators and Naval aviation support staff attached to Squadrons that make up the Carrier Air Group deployed in the ship.


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