YouTuber Xiaoma Learn Norwegian in Just 2 Weeks!

You should aim at learning Norwegian if you plan on moving to Norway, but most people find that learning Norwegian is both difficult and tedious. But could it be possible to learn Norwegian in just two weeks if you really tried?

The polyglot YouTuber Xiaoma seem to think so, and he attempts to learn Norwegian in just two weeks before going live on VGTV for an interview in Norwegian. See how it went for yourself in the video embedded below!

It’s very interesting to see how quickly he picks up common phrases during the video, but it’s clearly more challenging for him during the interview when he has to construct his own sentences to answer the questions.

I would consider this pretty amazing, and just imagine how quickly he could learn Norwegian if he spent some more time over here.

Hopefully this can serve as inspiration to those of you that are looking to learn Norwegian yourself, either for moving here or because you have Norwegian ancestors that you want to feel connected to.

Norwegians switch over to English very quickly

Xiaoma also picks up on one of the biggest issue people are having when they are trying to learn Norwegian in Norway: people simply switch over to English after the first sentence!

This makes it very difficult to practice your Norwegian in everyday situations, and it’s one of the downsides to the fact that everyone here learns English in school. I know some people do the “I don’t understand English” trick, which can force people to speak Norwegian with you.

Could regular people learn Norwegian in two weeks?

It’s important to keep in mind that Xiaoma is a pro when it comes to learning languages, and that he is doing this for a living.

So while you might think that you could learn to speak basic Norwegian in two weeks, I would actually argue that you should set more realistic goals.

Most people will need some more time, and languages in general takes time to learn. The best method is to keep practicing a little bit every day for a longer time period to get the words and language into your long term memory.

There are lots of people who live in Norway for several years before getting to a level where they can do an interview in Norwegian, while others can do the same after 5 – 6 months of living here. Find out what works for you, and how much time you want to spend on learning the language.

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